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as of 6/2/15

Access Consciousness • C-5

Is your life perfect or would you like to change something in areas like relationship, money or business? Access Consciousness® has pragmatic tools that create change. We provide information about classes and programs offered by the practitioners in the booth.

Advanced Palmistry • E-4

Christopher Long has 30 years experience as a palmist. His interpretive ability and predictive ability have made him famous. As an expert in the art of divination, he will also be offering other forms of prophecy.

Alisa Hjermstad • C-13

Visit a collection of gems and minerals that will refresh your living space with nature’s beauty. Find Chakra and meditation ornaments from India and around the world. Be inspired by apophyllite and clear with citrine.

Alpenöl Feel The Relief Store • C-22

Alpenöl Feel the Relief Store offers products to bring relief to your body and soul. We offer products such as: Alpenöl (Muscle and Foot Relief), Earth Apothecary (Tinctures, Pain Relief, Healing Salves and Body Care), Essential Fragrances, and Greens First.

Angel Communication • D-17

Become a leader of yourself! Unfold your inner joy, wisdom and healing. Feel angelic energy through readings: Past Life and Angel Readings. Workshops, group work and private spiritual consultations are available. Contact: judykatzin@aol.com 702-338-0336 or JoC Soignier at 970-903-3921

Angel Tarot Reading & Mediumship – Debbie Sykes • C-12

Explore what your angels have to teach you through the beautiful Angel Tarot deck. These powerful readings deliver profound, healing messages. Debbie shares her gifts to help illuminate your path! Angel Tarot Readings - Mediumship

Annie's Soul Connections, Annie Radzus • D-16

Annie, internationally loved psychic medium and Akashic Records channel. Known for her amazing accuracy and her dedicaiton in clear connection to the other side assisting clients in personal transformation. AnniesSoulConnections.com

Arbonne International • D-11

Arbonne is a premium brand with Swiss heritage. Our products are botanically-based, vegan, gluten-free and inspired by nature. We offer a full line of nutrition, skincare, baby care, mineral-based cosmetics, and haircare products. Please contact: Melissa Johnson (505) 392-1520 or http://melissajohnson.arbonne.com for more information.

Atlas Specific: Upper Cervical Care • A-11

Identify and correct pressure on the brainstem which shuts down life’s healing energy from the brain to the body for better health and greater life! www.durangochiropractor.com

Aura Photos: Have a Beautiful Aura Photographed Today • B-1

Our camera is so sensitive it even shows your angels! Uplifting interpretation included. As seen on Oprah and Good Morning America. 928-451-1222. www.HaveABeautifulAura.com; www.AngelsAngelsAngels.org.

BarryHelm.com • E-10

Barry Helm psychic, channel, bodyworker, healer assisting individuals and groups in their transformational process. hbhelm3@yahoo.com 1-513-289-3930 serving Boulder, Durango and the entire U.S. www.barryhelm.com

Beautycounter • D-9

Beautycounter is a lifestyle company leading a movement for better beauty, putting health and performance first! Our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We ALL deserve better and we are doing something about it!

BioEnergy Patch • B-16

Our BioEnergy Patch was developed as a complementary therapy program that is accepted by doctors and healthcare practitioners as an aid to support and restore the body's energetic function. No chemicals, no side effects, only relief for many different symptoms.

Blessesd Joy Oils / Relax Durango Massage • B-4

Young Living Essential Oils can change your life! We offer solutions for a healthier and more abundant lifestyle using pure, authentic, therapeutic essential oils, oil-infused nutritional supplements and personal care products. Take a few minutes to enjoy a foot massage with essential oils! www.BlessedJoyOils.vibrantscents.com Jeanie Lephart 970 749-8123 www.relaxdurango.com Deirdre Karger 970 946-5352

Blue Agate Jewelry • A-5

Harmonious earth stone jewelry with jasper, agate and quartz. Stunning styles for work or play at affordable prices. blueagatejewelry.bigcartel.com

Body and Soul Healing-Donna Murray • D-6

Intuitive Healer, Medium and Teacher for over 25 years. Feel better and get well! Offering Free 15 Minute Consultations for Intuitive Healings, Spiritual Readings, Quantum Biofeedback, Past Life/Life Between Lives Regression. Free Raffle, Special Offers and Event Calendar. www.bodyandsoulhealing.com 970-247-9076

Candyce’s Textile Dreams • B-7

Repurposed textiles from all over the world sewn by us into wraps, coats and vests. Made for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. Our fourth year at WholeExpo. Come in and say hello. See our new line.

Charly B Rocks • B-18

Shiny stuff!

Connecting with Source • A-8

Connecting with Source. Andrew Swetnam. An Artist and a Reader. Original visionary art. Paintings and reproductions available. Andrew also provides Channeled Life-Energy Readings using Universal Energy cards and crystals. See www.creatingwithsource.com. Contact andrewsourceworld@gmail.com

Crystal Corner & House of Pets • B-6

405 E. Apache St, Farmington. The Crystal Corner will feature books, tarot, pendants, an assortment of New Age, metaphysical supplies and unique gifts. The House of Pets will feature Bettas and supplies. Want something special? Call ahead 505-325-1411.

Crystal Reiki Journey • D-7

Crystals and Reiki treatments for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Darragh Hodges – Spirit Portraits • D-1

Darragh, a natural psychic, clairvoyant and clairaudient, paints soul portraits specifically for each individual showing a representation of beauty and wisdom in and of the human spirit/soul. Portraits include a spiritual reading explaining how you profoundly affect the world. www.visionarypaths.com 770-633-1190

Doorway to Whimsy • C-17

Come play with crystal wands and amulets. Delight in the “Splash Copper” jewelry and crystal window charms! It will be a memorable experience to marvel at happy colors in a warm and friendly setting. Lots of treasures for yourself and others.

Earth & Sky-Marina Muzzell-Intuitive Healing • B-11

Marina Muzzell is an intuitive healer, who brings her background in both western and complimentary medicine to offer a unique approach with intuitive energy work, hypnotherapy, and intuitive readings. Subtle but profound, this work facilitates healing of body/mind/spirit. www.earthandsky.us

Earth Spirit Center for Healing • D-13

Arizonan author and international life coach, Alaric Hutchinson, presents Living Peace, his book providing practical spirituality for the modern world. Alaric's colleagues from ESC will include Suzi Coggins, a U.S. renown psychic medium, and Maria Cooke, a Dunshia Monk, who teaches inner peace and will be selling hand-crafted healing wands. www.EarthSpiritCenter.org 480 639-5275

Emergence Care at Open Heart Energy Movement = OHEM 4U • B-5

Investigate/experience Emergence Care at Open Heart Energy Movement = OHEM 4U. Offering multiple path solutions to wholeness . EC helps physical and psychological well-being, improved relationships, life expansion. More peace and love felt. Use of Chi machine and hot house (HTE) and consumable products. Purchase of Nepal/India blankets and shawls, See OHEM4U.com, , emergence care.com. E-mail – drumac3@gmail.com and (970) 946-2042.

E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community Conscious Living Magazine • C-8

The mission of E.P.I.C., Empowering People, Inspiring Community is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and communities to make conscious decisions about living a healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyle, raising awareness of how their choices and actions impact themselves, others and the planet. www.EpicMag.org

Essential Oil Necklaces • D-14

Each Essential Oil Necklace is a tiny, unique work of art. All of my profits go directly to Heart for Guyana, an international, Christian charity serving orphans, people in recovery and homeless in Guyana, South America www.heartforguyana.com 1-210-413-2703 cell

Fellowship of Spirit • A-6

We are a spiritual center dedicated to recognizing, honoring and supporting the divintiy and uniqueness in each of us. Our mission is to positively affect our world by extending love, spirituality, understanding, peace and fellowship to all people without judgment.

Fluting From the Heart • C-3

High Spirit native flutes in all keys, drums and flute accessories. Learn how the chakras are affected with sounds of flutes to help keep the body balanced. Visit our booth for a free fluting lesson. FlutingFromTheHeart.com FlutingFromTheHeart@myexcel.com

Galaya: Psychic and Animal Communicator • A-15

Galaya is a psychic, life coach and animal communicator with 17 years experience translating spiritual information into practical solutions for your health, relationships, career and business. She is a gifted animal communicator providing insight into your pet’s behavior and feelings. Find clarity, insight and inspiration with Galaya. www.ConsultGalaya.com; 1-505 466-3764

Gary Champion, Psychic Medium and Author • D-12

I am a psychic medium from Texas who for the last twelve years has through psychic readings helped others attain clarity, direction and understanding. I have added fun lipstick readings to my booth this year. www.GaryChampion.com

Gini Ki – Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Guidance, Energy Healer • A-13

Using her unique talents as a healer and intuitive, Gini offers compassionate and insightful guidance. She blends oracle, tarot, and angel readings to offer insights and empower you in overcoming any challenges on your life's journey.

Grandmother Wisdom • A-4

BODY: high energy metaphysical crystals and jewelry for healing and balance. MIND: books, get personal channeled messages with purchase of “Ancient Spirit Wisdom”. SPIRIT: Totem animals, portable medicine wheels. EMOTIONS: Bach flower essences for healing trauma and stress. Plus more! www.ancientspiritwisdom.com

Gypsy Sorceress • A-21

Spiritual medium: Tea Leaves, Tarot, Crystal Ball

Handwriting Analysis & Spiritual Readings • C-6

Handwriting is a blueprint of our thoughts representing how we think and act. Polly Cady and Kathleen Threet are Handwriting Analysts, Dowsers and Spiritual Counselors. Change your life by knowing the story in your script.

Harmony Naprapathic • C-20

Harmony Naprapathic and Dr. Portia Sykes D.N. will be offering weight loss, detoxification, anti-aging and natural pain management. Also available are natural remedies for pain and inflammation. www.harmonynaprapathic.com

Heart of the Mother Healing by Gwendolyn Hill • D-5

Offering 30 minute readings from the Akashic Records for $30. Stop by to enter our drawing for a free 30 minute reading. For more information go to: http://gwendolynhill.com

Hemp Products • C-10

Healthy hemp products for dogs and people. www.rxcbd.co. 970-417-6661 or 970-650-0208

In Spiral Iridology • A-9

The iris of the eye is similar to a computer tracking that logs information since the time of one’s conception. The iris reveals vital health history, including predisposition for imbalances to occur. Through examination of the iris, a map to the inner workings of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are identified.

Isagenix Int'l Independent Associate • B-3

Choose your system: Weight Loss – Energy and Performance featuring e+) - Healthy Aging (featuring IsaGenesis) – Brain and Sleep Support System – Joint and Pain – Athlete NSF Certified Shakes – Child Nutrients.

Jennifer Craig • E-6

This "wild mystic" and "smiling shaman" is also "the girl next door". Jenny combines her life experience with formal shamanic training and fieldwork to coax the sacred potential out of every step of your human journey. Jennifer Craig ~Shamanic Healing Practitioner~ 970.317.0118

Kacelia Tru-Align Body System • E-24

Fix your aching back and more. Self-treatment system powered by gravity, easy to customize and set up. Relieves neck, back, sacro-iliac, jaw and groin pain. Aleviates disc problems, pinched nerves, headaches, scoliosis, poor posture and flexibility.

Larry Martin Professional Astrology • B-9

Former People Magazine Astrologer, Larry Martin, will be giving live interpretations from your astrology chart throughout the Expo. Joining him will be psychic intuitive Althea Mitchell-Thayer who will offer Hand/Face/Body Readings with absolutely amazing results. Exclusive discount pricing will be available only at the Expo.

Leslie Fonteyne • A-22

Leslie Fonteyne is a high-vibrational energetic healer and catalyst who uses clairvoyant, laser-like precision, coupled with the support of Ascended Masters and Archangels, to remove energetic blocks, astral debris, implants and past/present life contracts that are preventing the fullest expression of abundance and life purpose. www.lesliefonteyne.com

LifeForce – Body Balance...FREE Bottle today! • D-4

Raw Organic Live Sea Vegetables and Aloe Vera...liquid Body Balance is SuperFood! Enjoy drinking 120 naturally occurring nutrients every day for optimal Body/Mind performance, energy, clarity and immune health. Mention WholeExpo when ordering a case to receive a free 32 ounce bottle. www.BodyBalanceWorks.com nanci@nancimoore.com 970 759-5363

LifeVantage Products • E-20

Learn about this company’s scientifically based product line that reduces oxidative stress. Cell damage due to oxidative stress plays a major role in the aging of our bodies and the decline of health. Protandim • Canine Health • Skin Care • True Science Skin Regiment • Axio Energy Drinks.

Light as a Feather: Sound frequency healing with Acutonics by Feather Smith • C-4

Experience a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine and philosophy utilizing tuning forks, gongs, Tibetan bowls and bells to assist in connecting body, mind and soul. Acutonics ushers a transformational revolution in healing on a cellular level. It reminds us of the mystery and grace of the universe and it's infinite possiblity of reconnection with the ultimate source of original harmony. I look forward to meeting you.

Linda Joy-The Blue Sky • A-7

Linda Joy-The Blue Sky, offering Channeled Readings, gaining clarity,  understanding and insight for moving forward with balance and success.  Also available, are one of a kind beautiful scarves, gloves and handmade bracelet's. LindaJoyTheBlueSky.com lindajoythebluesky@yahoo.com

Marilyn Lawrence, Author and Dale Lawrence, Motivational Speaker • B-21

Author Marilyn will sell her books, “On An Angel's Wing”, “A Donavan Memory”, “From Pink to Blue” and “I Gave The Sun A Bath”, and provide mini-readings. Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Dale shares inspiration and is a featured speaker.

Messages Jaye's Way • E-8

Bringing messages to you of past, present, future concerns over loved ones that moved on—I can help. My Mescalero Apache and Spanish roots enlightens my vision as a gift to help others in healing.

Michael Brill, Cosmic Numerology • E-12

Analysis and interpretation of your birth name and birthday. Identify why you are here, what your life calling and destiny are, and pinpoint your life challenges and their "soulutions." Any question answered.

Modern Mystic LLC • A-10

Roxanne is an international psychic​ that does transformational tarot readings. All readings are recorded and emailed to you. She uncovers truth by seeing, hearing, feeling, and smelling. With unconditional love she attains the whole picture of past, present, and future.

Monica Devi Bhakti – Spirit Sisters Designs • A-2

Readings & spiritually inspired jewelry and gifts. Monica has worked as a Healing Arts Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor for over 20 years. She and Kristen Hamilton specialize in creating beautiful pieces infused with Spirit. 1-800-990-5205, monicabhakti@yahoo.com, spiritsisitersdesigns@gmail.com, krimsondawg17@gmail.com, www.etsy.com/shop/SpiritSistersDesigns

Nature's Way/Hotheadz • C-18

Aroma therapy herbal packs in assorted fabrics. Heat for 3 minutes. Gives great pain relief/relaxation. Handmade painted wooden boxes designed by Ronnie for assorted uses. Ask to see our “secret” boxes. Cooldowns,soak in cold water, tie around neck to stay cool.

Nerium International • D-21

Nerium has broken records with scientifically based age-defying skin care. After 20+ years of R&D at Princeton University, Nerium brings you EHT, an age-defying supplement for optimum brain health and repair. Available now! Lorie Wilhelmsen www.RealResultsWorldwide.com 970-799-2866 Daryl Wotkyns www.RealMoneyRealFreedom.com 970-749-0366

New Hat Baking • C-14

New Hat Baking creates gluten free baking mixes with unmatched taste and texture by utilizing a unique flour blend + classic baking techniques. This provides a win-win solution for families who want healthy, nutritious glutin free products everyone enjoys eating! www.NewHatBaking.com

NYR Organic • C-2

At NYR Organic, we're driven by the passionate belief that health and beauty should be more natural and less synthetic. We offer a wide range of award-winning health and beauty products, and some of our best-sellers will be available for purchase throughout the expo. We will also be taking drop-ship orders. Website: us.nyrorganic.com/shop/jane • Email: nyrorganicjane@gmail.com

Pam Torbico • D-10

Gymai Designs—wearable art inspired by nature and life's ponderings. www.gymaidesigns.com

Pedlam Constipaste, Fruit Paste, PedlamProducts.com • A-3

Home remedy aid for relief of constipation caused by irregularity (occasional constipation), medication induced constipation, post surgery constipation. Made from organic raisins, prunes, figs, lemon juice, brown sugar and Kosher Certified Senna tea. Produced in Durango.

Pens, Puzzles, & More • A-16

Custom made pens, wood puzzles, zodiac puzzles, hand turned olive oil and wine bottle stoppers. Hand turned yoyos and tops.

Psychic Sharon Sampsel Psychic Reading • B-14

Sharon Sampsel, one of California's top psychics with 25 years experience as a professional clairvoyant and healer, uses her gifts to help you find answers in your life. Receive clear and honest answers to assist you in achieving your desires and navigating through your challenges. www.psychicsharonsampsel.com

Rachel: Channel, Healer, Jewelry Artist • A-12

Experience transformational energy healing through kinesthetic mediumship, a non-touch process. Experience your own innate high spiritual vibration. Receive profound guidance from the guides. Browse Rachel’s original jewelry. Schedule ahead at 505-670-3978.

Rainbow Shaman Pathways for Healing • C-11

www.RainbowHealingRealm.com ~As a Peruvian Tradition Inka Shaman, I, Donna Hurley, offer the service of utilizing the ancient methods of healing to bring about harmony, balance, alignment, and ayni, all within munay. Visit my booth for more detailed information.

Renewal by Anderson • D-19

Renewal by Anderson is a green seal certified window replacement company.

Robert Wood – Aura Reader • D-26

Aura reading with prescious gemstones.

Rocky Mountain Ortho Bionomy Center • A-20

Ortho Bionomy is an amazing nuerological and structural bodywork that addresses truama, injuries, and illness in the body. It is a broad spectrum bodywork that is effective on a profound level in all systems and issues.

Rodan and Fields Skin Care by Cheryl • B-15

Drs. Kathy Rodan and Katie Fields, the Dermatologists who brought us “Proactive”, have created a skin care system for adults. Four clinical grade regimens to address all your skin care issues – from anti-aging, discoloration and age spots, adult acne to Rosacea sensitive skin, Excema and most any other issue. 100%, 60 day money back guarantee!

Serving Life Chiropractic Studio • D-8

SLCS specialize in chiropractic care for the entire family. We see special needs families who have children moving through ADHD, Autism, Asthma, & Allergies. We also see symptom free children who need help with development and being their best.

Shaman Jean • D-3

Shamanic healing services offered by Shaman Jean include chakra clearings, negative energy clearings, shamanic workshops, Journey workshops, soul retrievals, Illuminations and marriage ceremonies. 505-440-7118.

Share International Mountain West • A-18

Share International brings together two major directions of New Age thinking – political and spiritual. It shows the synthesis underlying the political, social, economic and spiritual changes now happening on a global scale. www.Share-International.US/mtnw.com

Spirit Dancer Crystals • B-20

Crystals, minerals and jewelry from the heart of Mother Earth. www.spiritdancercrystals.com

Spiritual Healing Sessions Through Shamanistic Channeling • E-14

Israel Hurtado is a spiritual and self-growth healer, speaker and self published author who uses the gifts of clairvoyant, channeling and shamanism to assist and serve people in their spiritual quest. He also communicates with a crystal skull presumed to be from the lost Atlantis civilization.

Sue Breeze • Insight Presentations  • D-9

Certified Psychic/Medium, Akashic Records Reader, Presentation and Intuition Coach. Readings: Tarot/Aleister Crowley Thoth, Osho Zen, Angelic Messages, Faery Wisdom. Mediumship:  Psychometry, Clairaudient, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient. 16 yrs. Experience:  Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, California. Call for phone reading 719-332-1846. Email or call to schedule Coaching Session: susiebreeze@yahoo.com

Surya Health and Wellness • C-19

Surya’s team of experienced practitioners provides a variety of services from Ayurveda, massage, acupuncture, reiki and hydro-colon therapies. Equipped with a learning kitchen and a retail store full of yoga products, herbs/supplements, essential oils, food and more, Surya is here for you.

Tarot Guide Readings by Mark Freeman • C-15


Thermal Imaging of the Southwest • A-17

Would you like to learn about a great diagnostic tool available in the Four Corners area providing you with a personal roadmap to better health and wellness? Join Thermal Imaging of the Southwest to learn about body thermal imaging and its application as part of your health plan. A free facial educational image available during the expo. Mary Williams CCT will discuss the process and provide free images. Any questions prior to the event, contact Mary, 505-860-8327. We look forward to meeting you.

Touchpoint Therapy – Discover Reiki • A-25

Sign up for a $10 ten-minute Reiki healing session with Reiki Master/Teacher, Teresa Jantz. Experience how Reiki can work for you and benefit your family, friends, pets, plants, all areas of your life, and even work long-distance. ReikiClassesDurango.com; Touchpoint Therapy.com 970-903-2547

Trisha Dolan • A-23

As a professional medium for 20+ years, she assists individuals to empower themselves. Trisha believes that everyone has the “gift” and like any muscle in the body, it can be developed to become more dependable. Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™, she travels extensively sharing her profound talent, touching people’s hearts with powerful messages. www.TrishaDolan.com, 10 min - $20.00

The BioMat Company • B-10

Experience Whole Body Attunement – Discover your Essential Self on an amethyst crystal bed. Far infrared light, negative ions and electro-magnetic frequency protection create intelligent DNA repair. For quality personal vibrancy and vitality choose a BioMat. www.Marla.thebiomatcompany.com 719 573-5972

The URANTIA Book Fellowship • B-19

The Urantia Book is a thrilling account of our planet from a cosmic perspective revealing our origin and destiny in the universe of universes. It is intellectually challenging, spiritually satisfying, offering an integration of science, philosophy, and religion. www.urantiabook.org

Wellspring Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine • B-17

Providing Free Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis, a function-based health screening practiced in China for centuries. This exam offers insight into the root causes of common health concerns as well as complex disease processes. For more information, please visit www.acupuncturewellspring.com

White Eagle Creations • D-24

White Eagle Creations offers “one of a kind” creations to bring out the Goddess within. Handpainted and/or hand dyed ruanas, vests and silk scarves. 970-749-2813.

White Rabbit Books and Curiosities • D-18

Used books, metaphysical gifts (crystals, crystal balls, tarot decks, pendulums, singing bowls, incense, prayer flags...) local, whimsical art, and oddities for the curious at heart.

Wild Gratitude Shamanic Services • E-22

Stacey Couch, Certified Shamanic Practitioner, offers a vibrant perspective of shamanism and how it connects our souls with nature. Get a power animal reading, purchase the book “Gracious Wild: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks”, and learn about shamanic healing.

Wolfsisters Creations • E-16

Visionary, Shamanic, Symbolic Fantasy and wildlife art created by Sandra SanTara and Christy Grandjern. Available as prints, t-shirts and pendants. http://wolfsisters.com

Zymbol • C-9

Inspirational jewelry born in Durango. Create your own personal message hidden in plain sight. What does yours say today??