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WholeExpo 2016 Durango
Holistic Health & Ecological Seminars & Workshops

These seminars and workshops have been selected by the volunteer, 2016 WholeExpo Education Committee:
Monica Devi Bhakti, Artist, Spiritual Counselor • Judy Cowan, Reiki Practitioner, Educator • Patty McClaflin, SCIO Practitioner, Photographer
Margaret Cheasebro, Author, Shaman, Reiki Master • Kenneth Kirby, DC, Native Soul Chiropractic • Kelly Polites, Underwriting & Development Expert

SATURDAY, September 10th

Amanda Fresh11:00 – 12:00 Noon

How to Communicate with Passed Loved Ones, Angels
and Spirit Guides

with Amanda Fresh

This talk is for anyone who has the desire to communicate with those in the Spirit world but either aren’t sure they are capable or don’t know how to. For years, I “wished” I could communicate with those in Spirit but I didn’t believe that I could. It wasn’t until later in life that I opened up to this beautiful gift. I truly believe that we all have this capability, if desired. In our time together, I will guide you as to how you can develop these skills yourself allowing you to openly communicate with Spirit.

Amanda Fresh is a psychic medium, Reiki Master, spiritual advisor and teacher. She resides in Durango, CO doing readings and healing work for clients locally as well as internationally. As a volunteer, she uses her psychic abilities to assist law enforcement in finding missing persons. Amanda has a passion to serve God by bringing others closer to Spirit.

Dana Stovern12:00 – 1:00

The Magic of Somatic Money

with Dana Stovern

Money relationship is brain-based, right? Not really. After thousands of session hours with clients, money medium, Dana Stovern, is finding that successful money relationship happens through the body with these four elements…The Masculine, The Feminine, Value and Power. This educationally packed presentation includes a clear and deep glimpse into these four sacred money elements anchored through the body that contribute to both healthy and successful money relationship. This soft-sided approach to “money-as-experience” holds phenomenal information and solutions to our money lives, both consciously and sub-consciously, through full-body space.

Dana Stovern, money medium, is an emerging voice in the conscious money field. She delivers Money Magic messages, encouraging her audiences and clients to explore authentic money relationships with unique money tools. Stovern’s spiritually conscious money focus arrived in 2011 after a near-death experience and the tragic loss of her son during pregnancy. Her unraveled life triggered a “spiritual financial intervention” delivering insights, experiences and tools she now provides for audiences and clients.

Jean Dominguez1:00 – 2:00

Begin Your Journey Towards Forgiveness
with Jean Dominguez

We all have people in our past who we feel have done us wrong. They may be parents, friends, partners or even strangers. Forgiving them is one of the hardest things you will do. But if you don’t, you risk struggling through life under the weight of anger, fear, hatred and despair which can also show up as physical ailments. In this workshop you can learn how to take the first step toward healing. Shaman Jean will raise questions, challenge you and talk about various methods she has used with her clients as they move toward forgiveness.

Shaman Jean has been trained in the Inca Tradition of the Andes. She works with clients using her training, gifts and connection to Spirit. She teaches shamanic classes and leads journey workshops. She is sought out for her work in clearing entities and breaking of curses, spells and hexes. Jean assists her clients in chakra clearing, soul retrievals, illuminations and past life regressions. She has currently added DoTERRA essential oils to her life and work.

Gwendolyn Hill2:00 – 3:00

Using Sound for Healing and Meditation
with Gwendolyn Hill

In this experiential workshop, Gwendolyn will use her voice and crystal bowl to take you into a deep meditation experience. Gwendolyn will also demonstrate how sound can be used for healing emotional and physical issues. In time, Gwendolyn will also teach you a technique for connecting to your Celestial Soul. A drawing will be held at the end of the session for a free Customized Sound Meditation for one person present. For more information, stop by booth D-1 or go to: http://gwendolynhill.com/sessions

Gwendolyn has been consciously using her healing and spiritual gifts for over thirty years as a rebirther, energy healer, body worker, Akashic Records Practitioner, teacher and sound healer/channel. She has been studying with Tom Kenyon using sound for meditation and healing since 2004. Even though her business Heart of the Mother Healing is based in Belen, NM, she also offers sessions and classes over the phone, internet and teleseminars.

Marilyn Lawrence3:00 – 4:00

Illuminating Your Tunnel to Your Purpose Path with the Help of the Angels
with Marilyn Lawrence

Marilyn, with the help from the Angels, Guides and Masters, will spark your soul’s light, igniting your passion and excitement for living the life you agreed to live when you filled out your mission statement before entering this life. She will hand you your flashlight so that you can illuminate your path in life. She will share the Divinely gifted tool- “The Bubble For Centering Self.” This tool brings all our ‘selves’ back to center so that we can work with our full self, not just portions of it. This will be an hour of Angelic enlightenment!

Marilyn Lawrence, author of From Pink to Blue, On An Angel’s Wing, A Donavan Memory, I Gave the Sun A Bath, An Environmentally Conscious Motivational Book For Children, and coming soon, The Balloon That Saw The World, has embraced her path with gusto and passion, suggesting others do the same. Marilyn was presented the Carol Flynn Quill Award at the Women Of Impact Gala held at Johns Hopkins University in October 2015.

Peter Goodgold4:00 – 5:00

Healing with “Hydrogen-Rich Shungite Water”
with Peter Goodgold

Molecular Hydrogen and Shungite, the most significant scientific discoveries of the century! Learn what mysteries lurk in the depths of a glass of water! Ancient religious texts reveal mystics were certain that water was endowed with exotic healing powers. Find out how consuming life-sustaining “Hydrogen-Rich Shungite Water” achieves the highest level of health. The therapeutic effects of Molecular Hydrogen (H2) has strong potential as an antioxidant in preventive and therapeutic applications to over 600 diseases while it decreases Inflammation, Oxidative Stress and Hydroxyl Radicals in the body. Peter invites us to re-experience our natural world with the awe of a child as we achieve wellness, weight-loss and anti-aging.

Peter Goodgold, founder of WaterWorks4u Hydrogen Enriched Water systems, has been walking the walk and talking the talk for over 43 years. He created the Pyramid Raw Food/Macrobiotic restaurants in Southern California in 1973 and the famous Healing Waters RAW Health Spa in Eden, Arizona in 1976. He has been researching and lecturing on the health benefits of Hydrogen Rich water and an Alkaline diet for over 43 years. Currently he’s finishing his book on Healing Properties of Molecular Hydrogen.

Rebecca Wildbear5:00 – 6:00

Dreams Are the Language of Soul
with Rebecca Wildbear

Soul speaks through image. Listen to your soul through dreams. Soulcentric dreamwork isn’t about analyzing; it’s about submitting ourselves to the intelligence of the living dream image. All over the world, since the beginning of humanity, cultures have consulted dreams for guidance. Many indigenous cultures gave dreams more credence than the events of daily waking consciousness. In this program, we’ll practice entering into dreamtime and discuss ways each individual can work with their dreams. Come deepen into your dreams and your unfolding soul’s story.

A soul guide, Rebecca Wildbear, M.A., supports individuals as they discover and manifest their truest gifts. She guides others in opening their sensory bodies, engaging their dream-world, and accessing their deep imagination. A therapist and wilderness guide for 17 years, she utilizes her training and experience with yoga, Hakomi and somatic psychotherapy in her private practice. She leads programs with Animas Valley Institute, Nosara Yoga Institute, and also created Wild Yoga, a sacred aligning of soul and Earth.

Holly Duckworth6:00 – 7:00

Past Life Regression Hypnosis and Metaphysical Concepts of Time
with Holly Duckworth

The therapeutic benefits of past life regression hypnosis are well documented. Emotional and physical trauma can carry over from one life to the next. Our eternal souls carry all of our experiences. And even more mind-bending is the concept that time isn’t real. If everything is happening at once, past lives are really other lives. And the energetic frequencies from your other lives can affect your subconscious in this life. Do you have health issues that may be related to past life events? How are these carry overs connected to your life here? Find out more in this session.

Holly Duckworth has a Ph.D. in psychology and is a registered psychotherapist practicing Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHHT). Years ago, Holly attended a group regression delivered by the well-known Dolores Cannon. It was then that Holly experienced a past life beyond her wildest imagination, thus turning a skeptic into a believer! Through her QHHT practice she has witnessed wonder-full psychological, social and physical healing, emphasizing that we are just spiritual beings having a human experience!

SUNDAY, September 11th

Michael Beckwith9:30 – 11:30

Agape in Durago Presents: Live Streaming of Michael Bernard Beckwith from Agape International Spiritual Center

Experience the powerful message of mystic, author and visionary, Michael Bernard Beckwith and the expansive music of Agape. We will LOVE Stream Live the Agape International service as it is happening in Los Angeles. The message that moves through Beckwith is keenly relevant for this time on the planet.

Larry Martin11:00 – 12:00 Noon

Excellent Timing Astrology
with Larry Martin

Professional astrologer, Larry Martin, teaches how astrology guides us in choosing the perfect timing to maximize outcomes, minimize challenges and achieve our goals. You matter in the Universe! Join us for an enlightening look at how astrology can become one of your greatest tools.

Larry was the professional astrologer for People Magazine online from 1996-2000. He has spoken before world and national conferences on astrology throughout the United States and Canada. He was awarded as Arizona’s Most Outstanding contributor to his field in 2014. He currently practices and teaches astrology in several countries from his home in Tucson, AZ.

Annie Radzus12:00 – 1:00

Akashic Records Activation and Demonstration
with Annie Radzus

We will begin with Akashic Activation to connect each person with their Records. The Akashic Records hold the divine blueprint of our perfections and all the lifetimes we have journeyed through and all that your soul has accumulated over vast and endless experiences on this earth. The Akashic Records also contain the spiritual wisdom to live fully with love in the present. Annie, holding and channeling the Record Keepers, will share their wisdom and knowledge for you. Annie will demonstrate the transformational shift that can start moving through us to shift our old patterns and live our lives with more clarity and freedom..

Annie has had a life path devoted to personal growth and service to humanity. Her studies have led her to investigate the beauty of diverse paths to Spirit and to numerous highly esteemed spiritual teachers. She has been assisting others to transform their lives through her readings and emotional healing work since 2002. She is an expert in Akashic Records. Spirit works through Annie with joy and honesty—always a straight shooter and filled with compassion.

Gwendolyn Hill1:00 – 2:00

How to Communicate with Archangels
with Trisha Dolan

Life is changing fast all around us, and so many people are seeking inner and outer change in their own lives. We hear that “Everything is energy” and “We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” It’s all true…and still WE NEED TO KNOW HOW to make these truths PRACTICAL in our every day life. There are two core functions to commune with the Archangels 1) to promote a greater sense of God-self and 2) realization of your purpose in Life. Let Trisha be your guide to experiencing a higher awareness of one’s self.

Being born with the gift of insight, Trisha is a clairvoyant and clairaudient. Her lifetime journey has been using her intuitive gifts – from seeing deceased since childhood, to being a professional Medium since the early 1990’s. Trisha receives joy guiding people in solving their problems, discovering their niche in life and following their dreams to achieve successes. Certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™, she travels extensively touching people’s hearts with powerful messages. www.Trishadolan.com

Tyler VanGemert2:00 – 3:00

Creating Abundance in Solitude: The Powerful You!
with Leslie Fonteyne

When we receive inspiration or guidance, we receive it alone, within ourselves. Often we let it go and return to life as usual. Our ache for companionship drives us to share with those who might reduce our dream to a shadow of its original brilliance. In this session, we’ll discuss creating abundance from that solitary space. We’ll uncover the influences of our patterns and agreements, ancestral energies, inner child and everyday planetary challenges. Then we’ll bring in the Masters and Archangels for incredible transformation, allowing you to remove the obstacles that have kept you from realizing your dream – until now!

Leslie Fonteyne is a Life Transformation catalyst, teacher and Intuitive Energetic Healer. A powerful speaker, teacher and radio personality, she connects clients and audience with their core passions, helping them to unearth the blocks and interferences that prevent the fullest expression of outrageous abundance and life purpose. In her energy work, she includes the presence and wisdom of Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove energetic blocks and interferences, supporting explosive inner change.

Shannon Van Den Berg3:00 – 4:00

Osteoporosis: The Disintegration of Bone; What You Need to Know
with Dennis O’Brien

This informative talk will cover bone loss, why it happens, why drug treatment doesn’t work, and what you can do to prevent and treat it in a natural, holistic way.

Dr. Dennis O’Brien is a licensed Chiropractor (CO) and Naturopath (WY). He has practiced in Washington and Oregon for 22 years and in Durango for the past 3 years at Animas Alternative Health Care. Getting to the CAUSE of the problem is the top priority in any health concern and Dr. O’Brien uses metabolic muscle testing to uncover hidden stressors in vital organs, endocrine glands and the nervous system. Don’t guess at which supplements to take! Ask Dr. O’Brien to muscle test you and discover what your body really needs. Ask him about NON-FORCE CHIROPRACTIC, use of cold laser, STANDARD PROCESS WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, subluxations, allergies, asthma, auto-immune DISEASE, gastrointestinal distress or any other health concern.

Doc Roberts4:00 – 5:00

Undoing the Mind
with Lisa Greene

Our minds drives us crazy, keeps us up at night and chatters incessantly. We follow it, believing it’s who we are. We don’t realize our minds were programmed just like a computer. It was programmed by other people’s beliefs, society and the conclusions the mind itself came to about ourselves and the world. We stay stuck in our fear never realizing it is just a programmed story. Underneath it is our truth, peace, the thing we wanted all along. In this presentation learn how to begin to undo the programming of the mind and come back to your truth, peace.

Biography: Lisa Greene, speaker, writer and educator, has a background in psychology and biofeedback. But it was eight months of lying on the bed watching every thought that led her to true peace. Go to www.UndoingUnhappiness.com to receive Lisa’s free, inspiring and educational report and mini course on Undoing Unhappiness.