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as of June 11

Advanced Palmistry • E-4

Advanced Palmistry is now available for online readings, visit our website and find us on Facebook. Christopher Long. AdvancedPalmistry.com

Alisa Hjermstad • C-13

Visit a Gem and Mineral collection to assist you on your path. Choose from hundreds of minerals and build a chakra kit to brighten your day. Quality handmade gemstone jewelry. Herkimer Diamonds, Amethyst, Flourite, Amber, various crystals and much more.

Alpenol Feel the Relief Store • A-4

Alpenol offers whole body RELIEF to ones sore muscles and joints. Our synergistic blends are oxygen seeking and deep penetrating. They reduce inflammation and increase circulation thus offering immediate relief and long term healing. FREE demonstrations. Visit www.feelthereliefstore.com or call 719-694-8761

Amanda Fresh – Psychic medium/Spiritual healer • E-20

Mediumship readings, spiritual guidance readings and intuitive Reiki. Exquisite custom jewelry line made with healing gemstones and sterling silver—free consultation with purchase to ask your guides which stone would be most beneficial for you.

American Shaman CBD • E-24

Highest quality CBD Hemp Oil available. It contains the highest amounts of CBD (Cannabidiol) and Terpenes (flavor and fragrance). 100% Natural-Pure CO2 Extracted CBD Hemp Oil. It’s organic, gluten free, non GMO Hemp with NO heavy metals or insecticides. It’s legal in all 50 states. AmericanShamanStore.com.

Angel Communication • D-15

Connect to your angels through angel readings, past life readings, psychic sensitivity techniques and upcoming programs offered. Beautiful angel rings and stones are available! www.magnitizejoy.com Contact: Judy Katzin at judykatzin@aol.com or 702-338-0336 or Jo C Soignier at 970-903-3921

Animas Alternative Health Care • B-5

Animas Alternative Health Care offers a variety of choices to those who want to regain or improve their health. Ask Dr. O’Brien about NON-FORCE CHIROPRACTIC, use of cold laser, STANDARD PROCESS WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS, subluxations, allergies, asthmas, auto-immune DIS-EASE, gastrointestinal distress, or any other health concern.

Animas Mosquito Control District • D-16

Animas Mosquito Control District (AMCD) exists for the protection of the people, pets, livestock and wildlife of the Animas Valley from mosquito borne disease and discomfort with a commitment to the research and use of the most earth-friendly products available. Contact AMCD at www.animasmosquito.com, 970-247-1483 or amcd1483@gmail.com

Annie Radzus: Channel-Teacher-Akashic Records-Catalyst • A-3

Annie Radzus isn’t just an “Intuitive” or “ Counselor”. She’s an Oracle with Unusual Clarity with connections to your inner self, true self and Highest self. Are you ready to leap forward with clarity and insight? Take the leap now, have a Soul Session or Akashic Records with Annie. AnnieRadzus.com

Aura Photos: Have a Beautiful Aura Photographed Today • B-1

Our camera is so sensitive it even shows your angels! Uplifting interpretation included. As seen on Oprah and Good Morning America. 928-451-1222. www.HaveABeautifulAura.com; www.AngelsAngelsAngels.org.

Beautycounter • B-16

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. We offer a wealth of empowering information about ways we can make the world healthier, along with safer, high performing products you can trust.

Bemer • A-20

In 8 minute sessions, Bemer enhances general blood flow, nutrient, oxygen supply and waste disposal, cardiac function, endurance, strength and energy, concentration and stress reduction. See what Bemer can do for you! Mascarenas.bemergroup.com JoAnn Mascarenas 505-402-6992 joszonology@gmail.com

Benny’s Healthy Hemp • C-10

High quality Hemp products for People and their Pets – Benny’s Healthy Hemp Dog & Cat treats – Hemp-Based body and facial oils – Hemp Tinctures www.rxcbd.co www.bennyshealthyhemp.com

Better World Shopping Guide • C-16

An ethical consumer guide allowing you to “vote with your dollars”! Find companies ranging from A to F in the 5th edition of the guide. Avoid the bad (F) and support the good (A) companies trying to make a difference!

Blessed Joy Oils/Relax Durango Massage • B-4

Young Living Essential Oils can change your life! We offer solutions for a healthier, more abundant lifestyle using pure, authentic oils, oil-infused nutritional supplements and personal care products. Enjoy a foot massage with essential oils! www.BlessedJoyOils.vibrantscents.com. Jeanie Lephart 970-749-8123 www.relaxdurango.com Deirdre Karger 970-946-5362

Channeled Readings • A-9

Do you have questions for your life? When you ask a question, meassages from the Universe come through for you. Discover your life. Channeled by Susan P. Lewis susanplewis@gmail.com

Crystal Reiki Journey • D-10

Boost your journey to wholeness with crystals and Holy Fire II Reiki. Jbross1@outlook.com 970-764-5746

Denise Lane • A-5

My passion is in serving humanity. During the expo, I will offer Intuitive Readings combined with energetic healing sessions. I relay the information from your Higher Self and Angels while serving as a conduit for the healing energy to you. www.SageMtnHealth.com

Distracted Raven • E-22

Handmade shawls, looms, hand painted purses and jackets and dowsing rods. www. DistractedRaven.etsy.com

DoTERRA Essential Oils • C-5

DoTERRA is the healing difference! Come and experience doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and wellness products. DoTERRA oils have a profound effect on physical, emotional and spiritual health. Come meet the doTERRA experts and pick up your free sample. www.mydoterra.com/emalee

Durango Medical Hypnosis • C-9

Medical Hypnosis is proven effective for a variety of conditions including migranes, fibromyalgia, IBS/Crohn’s, allergies, insomnia, infertility, anxiety, PTSD, erectile dysfunction, smoking, weight loss, sports and academic performance, attention disorders and much more. Great for all ages! Stop by to learn about hypnosis! Durangomedicalhypnosis.com

E=Consciousness • E-2

(Energy = Consciousness x The Speed of Light into the Infinite). Spiritual readings, gifts, cards, jewelry.

Empowered Living • D-21

Intentional massage, integrative health coaching, access consciousness®, doula services and a therapeutic oxygen bar for self-discovery. www.empoweredlivingdgo.com 970-422-8699 empoweredliving.co@gmail.com

Engage Global • A-22

Engage Global is the distributor of a high quality food supplement called Military Micronutrient Formulation (MMF). MMF is a food supplement that is changing lives across the country from individuals with chronic illness to athletes that want to improve performance.

E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community Conscious Living Magazine • C-8

The mission of E.P.I.C., Empowering People, Inspiring Community is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and communities to make conscious decisions about living a healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyle, raising awareness of how their choices and actions impact themselves, others and the planet. www.EpicMag.org

Essential Oils • D-3

DoTERRA’s pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. Come enjoy the oils and learn about how they can help YOU. A free massage hand and health scan will be available.

Fellowship of Spirit • A-6

We are a spiritual center dedicated to recognizing, honoring and supporting the divinity and uniqueness in each of us. We are the well in the village center where all paths converge with heart and soul connecting in the oneness of life.

Fluting from the Heart • C-3

High Spirits native flutes in all keys, drums and flute accessories. Learn how the charkas are affected with sounds of flutes to help keep the body balanced. Visit our booth for a free fluting lesson. Website: flutingfromtheheart.com New email address: flutingfromtheheart@gmail.com

FuXion • D-4

FuXion combines the Wisdom of Ancient Andean, Amazonian and Asian cultures with the latest advances in technology creating Nutraceutical Fusion! Functional beverages include weight loss, athletics and anti-aging. Free of Gluten, GMO’s, Preservatives and Dairy sweetened with stevia. We improve your Life! Nanci: 970-759-5363 or Penny: 970-259-4848

Gini Ki • A-13

Using her unique talents as a healer and intuitive, Gini offers compassionate and insightful guidance. She blends oracle tarot and angel readings assisting in clarity and direction to empower you on your life’s journey.

Grandmother Wisdom • A-2

BODY: high energy metaphysical crystals and jewelry for healing and balance. MIND: books, get personal channeled messages with purchase of “Ancient Spirit Wisdom”. SPIRIT: Totem animals, portable medicine wheels. EMOTIONS: Bach flower essences for healing trauma and stress. Plus more! www.ancientspiritwisdom.com

Grandmother’s Blanket • C-6

Embracing Personal and Community Evolution. A presentation of a variety of services, tools and information supporting our flow with the present energies.

Gypsy Sorceress • A-21

Let the Spirits talk directly to you through the Tea Leaves, Crystal Ball and Tarot.

Heart of the Mother Healing by Gwendolyn Hill • D-1

Heart of the Mother Healing by Gwendolyn Hill is offering 20 minute Akashic Record Readings for $30. Stop by D-1 to enter our drawing for a free 30 minute reading or to sign up for a FREE strategy session. http://gwendolynhill.com

Intuitive Dragonfly • A-10

Watercolor Imagery and Healing ~ See and experience the play out of colors, images and messages as your energies are read. One of a kind crystal jewelry for beauty and vibrational healing. Susana Kirk 720-800-6204 Susan@intuitivedragonfly.com www.intuitivedragonfly.com

Isagenix Int’l Independent Associate • B-3

Choose your system: Weight Loss – Energy and Performance – Healthy Aging – Brain and Sleep Support – Joint and Pain Relief – Athlete NSF Certified Shakes AND Amped™ pre-, during and after workout products – Child Nutrition.

Jennifer Craig ~ Shamanic Healing Practitioner • E-6

This “wild mystic” and “smiling shaman” is also “the girl next door.” Jenny combines her life experience with formal shamanic training and fieldwork to coax the sacred potential out of every step of your human journey. Jennifer Craig ~ Shamanic Healing Practitioner 970-317-0118

John of God Crystal Healing Bed • E-24

Spirit Master Assisted Healings for genetic disease, DNA and energy healing, orthopedic injuries, present and past blocked energies, aura and chakra clearings, receive life path clarity and sense of purpose, heal love, financial, employment and personal issues.

Kathlene Casey – Natural Force Healing Practitioner • C-18

NFH was designed specifically for our personal revolutionary process. Bringing into perfect balance and harmony your Triune of well being. kmcasey13@gmail.com 505-429-1381

Larry Martin Professional Astrology • E-14

From People Magazine to cities around the U.S. and Canada, Larry has introduced empowering Astrology to thousands of people. Enjoy a 15 minute eye-opening introduction to your personal astrology and see what your year is all about. www.LarryMartin.biz 513-476-2222

Laser & Colon Health Center • C-19

Feel and look better! Zerona, a non-invasive fat loss laser treatment is the only clinically proven body-contouring treatment that can help you look and feel better. Laser Treatments also reduce plantar fasciitis pain & more. Dixie Thinnes, Laser & Colon Health Center; Petra Sullwold, DC

Leslie Fonteyne • E-8

Leslie Fonteyne is a clairvoyant intuitive, channel and energetic healer who works with Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove blocks and interferences that stop you from experiencing fulfillment and abundance. Session result? Explosive inner change!

Light and Energy by Charmaine • A-25

I am the messenger between you and spirit. I have over 25 years experience and have studied with the top intuitives in Canada and the United States. My knowledge, accuracy and gentle nature has proven to be very successful. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Let me help you find clarity in a tarot intuitive reading.

Light as a Feather “Sound Bath” • C-4

Acutonics: a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental Medicine, utilizing tuning forks, bowls, chimes and gongs. A deeply relaxing experience, sound waves are applied to acupressure points accessing the body’s meridians, realigning the physical, emotional and spiritual body.

Marilyn Lawrence, Author and Speaker and Dale Lawrence, Internationally Recognized Speaker • B-21

Author Marilyn will sell her books, “On An Angel’s Wing”, “A Donavan Memory”, “From Pink to Blue”, “I Gave the Sun a Bath” and new release “The Balloon That Saw the World” and provide mini-readings. Motivational and Inspirational Speaker Dale shares inspiration. www.marilynlawrence.com marilyn@marilynlawrence.com

LIMU • A-12

LIMU is the best selling FUCOIDAN-rich supernutrient on the market. Backed by science and research, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-viral and anti-bacterial fruit/vegetable drink. The LIMU Experience lets you grow and extend your limitless potential. BE MORE, Join us! Contact Sharon 505-360-6675

Metaphysical Maine • D-9

Three Maine vendors have joined together to bring a sampling of Metaphysical Maine to Colorado! Aeon Moon’s all natural, handcrafted, embroidered Tarot bags and pouches, The Moon’s Cache handcrafted spiritual jewelry, and Rap’s Eyes all things Crystal Skulls. www.aeonmoon.com www.moonscache.com www.rapseyes.com

Michael Brill, Cosmic Numerology • E-12

Analysis and interpretation of your birth name and birthday. I identify why you are here, what your life calling and destiny are and pinpoint your life challenges and their “soulutions”. Any question answered. www.awakener.com 561-866-5479

Miller Productions • B-19

We sell Orgone Pyramids which are made of acrylic resin and a variety of different stones, metals and dyes. Orgone Pyramids have been shown to transmute positive ions into healthy negative ions similar to Himalayan pink salt lamps. www.orgonepyramidenergy.com

OM Bella • B-7

OM Bella is a unique healing mini spa that focuses on personalized soul alchemy and holistic integrative esthetics. Using a combination of herbal apothecary masks, aligned energetic bodywork, sound and gemstone therapies to renew the spirit and reveal your inner beauty.

One Random Bead • C-22

All of the jewelry are works of art created with LOVE for Spirit. The sacred energy of the gems and minerals are blessed and calibrated to allow healing and alignment for the wearer. My Kwan Yin, Buddha, Power Medicine and Tribal collections will be on display.

Pamela Lay • A-11

As Spiritual Minister, Medium, Medical Intuitive and Healer, I provide spiritual inspiration and life empowering skills. My spiritual journey was enhanced by decades of training in Lily Dale, New York, the largest center for spiritualism in the world. www.Pamela-Lay.com

Plexus Health Supplements • C-12

Get healthy from the inside out. Plexus is not a diet; it’s a life change. Find new energy, sleep better and do it all naturally. http://shopmypexus.com/uscando

Psychic Sharon Sampsel Psychic Reading • B-11

Sharon Sampsel, one of California’s top psychics with 25 years experience as a professional clairvoyant and healer, uses her gifts to help you find answers in your life. Receive clear and honest answers to assist you in achieving your desires and navigating through your challenges. www.psychicsharonsampsel.com

Rain International—Vida M. Guffey, Rain Partner • B-15

Rain International is the first company to focus on seed nutrition. Soul is one of the four products containing black cumin, black raspberry and grape chardonnay seeds. We will use third-party tools to show how seed nutrition changes lives. www.myrainlife.com/vidaguffey

Renewal by Anderson • D-19

We are a start to finish custom window company. At the event people will have a chance to enter into our $15,000 yearly sweepstake toward their window replacement project and find out more about our company and our patented material fibrex.

Robert Wood – Aura Reader • D-26

Aura reading with precious gemstones.

Sacred Art • C-20

Most of our items are hand made by myself in the Mexican desert named Wirikuta. We are selling exclusive pieces with natural materials like elk hide for the drums and turquoise. All of our products are art and crafted with love and passion.  https://www.facebook.com/ArteSagrado.WhiteFeather/ sacredarttwf@gmail.com.

Sarvaa Superfood • A-7

Free samples of delicious Superfood. Protein shakes, Raw Cacao (Chocolate) “Shots”, Green Drinks, SuperFruit and more. All Organic Ingredients! Raw, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, 100% Plant-Based! All handcrafted locally in Durango. Show Specials. Save $5 - $25 Love Your Body! Love Everybody!

Serving Life Chiropractic • D-6

At SLC, we take care of children and adults who are interested in feeling and functioning better! We utilize a method called Structural Correction to identify Structural Shifts in your spine that are causing your specific problem. We look forward to serving you and your family! www.servinglifechiropractic.com 970-422-2032

Shaman Jean • D-3

Shamanic healing services offered by Shaman Jean include chakra clearings, negative energy clearings, shamanic work, shamanic workshops, journey workshops, soul retrievals, past life regressions, Illuminations and marriage ceremonies. Shamanjean7@gmail.com 505-440-7118

Shamanda Jewelry • C-15

Shamanda Jewelry, a small family business, is specializing in sacred geometry this year. Come see our sacred geometry bandana and jewelry. We also have quality chakra gemstone jewelry and nature jewelry. We are also selling crystal grids. Check out www.shamandajewelry.com

Share International Mountain West • A-18

Share International brings together two major directions of New Age thinking – political and spiritual. It shows the synthesis underlying the political, social, economic and spiritual changes now happening on a global scale. www.Share-International.US/mtnw/

Soul’s Agenda – Hand Analysis • D-14

Hand Analysis is an amazing system that looks at your fingerprints as well as your hands to reveal your highest purpose and greatest lessons; intended to empower you to live your life purpose with purpose. Deborah, CHA through IIHA. www.soulsagenda.com

Spiral Soul Designs • D-7

Handcrafted jewelry/Power pieces that celebrate the beauty of nature. Spiralsouldesigns.com Spiralsouldesigns.esty.com Spiralsoul@outlook.com

Spirit Dancer Crystals • B-20

Crystals, minerals and jewelry from the heart of Mother Earth. www.spiritdancercrystals.com

Teresa Jantz – Usui/Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki® Master, Laughter Yoga Leader, Touch For Health Instructor • B-17

Discover simple ways to balance and heal your body and remove stress using Reiki & Kinesiology that ANYONE can do. Take home easy to use methods today that release stress and restore your body’s energetic balance for optimal health. www.TouchpointTherapy.com www.ReikiClassesDurango.com 970-903-2547

The BioMat Company • B-12

Build healthy cellular frequencies, develop cellular resiliency/spiritual connectivity. Amethyst crystals, far infrared light, negative ions, EMF protection are provided in one leading edge product—The BioMat. And, enjoy quality cellular hydration with the Alkal-life Alkaline-ionized water system. Live inspired! www.Marla.thebiomatcompany.com 719-573-5972

Thermal Imaging of the Southwest • A-17

Thermal Imaging of the Southwest: Clinical Thermography, the best view of your health you’ll ever get. www.TiofSW.com 505-325-4211.

Thrive Chiropractic Studio • C-7

Dr. Trapper Niccum, a holistic chiropractor, has been helping people achieve optimal health and wellness for 15 years in Durango. Using state-of-the-art technology, he will be giving complimentary non-evasive health screenings. Come see Dr. Niccum. Find out how he can help you achieve your health goals. www.thrivechiro.com or call 970-259-0968.

Trisha Dolan • A-23

As a professional Medium for over 25 years, she assists individuals to empower themselves. Trisha believes that everyone has the “gift” and like any muscle in the body, it can be developed to become more dependable. Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner™, she travels extensively sharing her profound talent, touching people’s hearts with powerful messages. www.TrishaDolan.com

TruArt of the Earth • A-8

Exquisite and unique crystals hand-picked with love, cleansed and activated with sound frequencies using crystal bowls to achieve high energy and ultimate healing. Quartz, amethyst, Lemurian quartz, fluorite and more at a fair price. http://truart-of-the-earth.myshopify.com/ or call us at 505-620-5129

Victorian West/Cynthia Roedig • B-6

Victorian West is a provider and creator of products for mind, body, spirit. One-of-a-kind semiprecious jewelry, meditation helpers, Dead Sea and energizing bath salts, all-natural lotion bars, runes, crystals, candles, stone angels and animals. Contact: VictorianWest@hotmail.com

Visionhawk Music • C-2

Moyo Drums and Dhavani Drums. Used for meditation, relaxation, vibrational therapy or just for pure joy. Special show prices. www.visionhawkmusic.com

White Eagle Creations • D-24

White Eagle Creations offers “one of a kind” clothing creations and, my new passion, original art (collages and ink drawings). 970-749-2813

White Rabbit Books & Curiosities • D-18

Used books, metaphysical gifts (crystals, crystal balls, tarot decks, pendulums, singing bowls, incense, prayer flags…) local, whimisical art and oddities for the eternally curious.

Whitney Lamb – Angel Channeler, Psychic Medium and Angelic Reiki Practitioner • D-12

As a gifted clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient Whitney communicates with the Angelic Realm and loved ones in Heaven. She can read the past, present and future timelines of the soul’s incarnational journey. Helping clients achieve self-mastery is her passion. www.whitneylamb.com

Wild Gratitude Spiritual Support Services with Stacey Couch • E-10

Stacey Couch is a Spiritual Director, Shamanic Practitioner and Archetypal Consultant. She consults for Caroline Myss’s Sacred Contracts online school. Receive a consultation on Spirit Animals, Archetypes or Spiritual Direction at Stacey’s booth. Learn about shamanic healing and workshops.

Wolfsisters Creations • E-16

Visionary, symbolic, fantasy and animal art sold as prints, t-shirts, books and pendants. http://wolfsisters.com

WaterWorks4U.com • B-8

WaterWorks4U.com manufactures healthy hydration alkaline water products for wellness, weight loss and anti-aging. Affordable and portable water ionizers to heal your body and prevent disease. Hydrogen rich water filters to prevent sickness, ion-wave water pitcher, portable alkaline sticks, dechlorinating bath and shower filters, pH test kits, Gmf protector. www.WaterWorks4U.com

Wild Earth Remedies • A-15

I wildcraft medicinal plants in nearby mountains and desert areas. Most popular is my Desert Sage Arthritis cream for chronic pain and swelling which I gather 6 anti-inflammatory herbs. I also treat severe dry skin, sleep, stress and headaches. Create beautiful moisture retaining Wild Rose and wildflower face creams. Come see! Experience! www.wildearthcreams.com