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as of April 16, 2018

Advanced Palmistry • E-4

Allow Advanced Palmist, Christopher Long guide you through the facets of your life via the lines of your hand.Advanceddivination@gmail.com AdvancedPalmistry.com

Alight! Readings with Marya OMalley • A-13

Rev. Marya OMalley: Psychic readings for clarity and insight regarding personal, career and spiritual matters. 22 years of experience. Wonder about moving? What's going on? Relationship? Purpose? Developing your gifts? Phone/ online readings, spiritual mentoring, other, your life alight! www.maryaomalley.com; 505-573-2013

Alisa Hjermstad • C-17

You will be surrounded with gems and minerals from around the world. Schedule a 15 minute session to share with me your intentions and truth to find the areas in your life where the power of crystals would be benificial. Castillecreations137@gmail.com

Angel Communication-Your New Spiritual Horizons • C-19

Go deep and boldly connect to your angels through angel, chakra and past life readings; psychic sensitivity techniques; and upcoming programs. Beautiful angel rings and crystal healing stones are available. Visit www.newspiritualhorizons.com. For information, email durango@newspiritualhorizons.com or call 970-903-3921.

Angel Mind Healing & EFT (Tapping) • D-16

Archangel assistance in removing and transforming fearful thoughts and beliefs impacting your life, Stacy Webb 970-238-1832. Help in reducing negative emotions through a tapping method, books about connecting with trees, Margaret Cheasebro 505-215-0651, mwriter4571@yahoo.com

Angel Card Readings with Kenya Star • E-16

Enjoy insightful guidance from your Angels! Health, love, relationships or a deeper understanding of your life purpose are all on the table. Every reading is perfect for that person at that time bringing healing, support and a sense of calm. Website: KenyaStar.Global Email: Kenya@KenyaStar.Global Phone: 872-228-7677

Angelic Arts for Transformation • A-22

Meg McDonald and Angela Carnrite invite you for a show of heart and spirit made visual art for the inspiration and expression of your journey. Symbolic, metaphysical and eclectic watercolors, oils, etchings, mixed media. lunadreamcat10@yahoo.com

Angelic Intuitive Communication with Denise • A-9

Intuitive reading and spiritual counseling. Receive guidance and information from your Higher Self and Master Angel.

Animas Alternative Health Care • C-2

Offering a variety of choices to those who want to regain or improve their health. Ask Dr. O’Brien about non-force chiropractic, use of cold laser, standard process whole food supplememnts, subluxations, allergies, asthmas, auto-immune dis-ease, gastrointestinal distress, or any other health concern.

Animas Laser Therapy • B-13

Feel and look better by taking advantage of Animas Laser Therapy’s (ALT) FDA-approved laser technology. Whether you want effective pain relief without an opiate addiction or if you need help shedding those winter pounds for your summer beach body, ALT has you covered. Dixie Thinnes: 970-259-5580.

Aura Photos and Spirit Horse Readings with Angel Lightfeather • B-1

Have your AURA PHOTOGRAPHED as seen on Oprah and Good Morning America! Your Spirit Horse Reading—a Spiritual Experience—the Horse chooses you! Experience the Magical Wonder of who you are. www.angelsangelsangels.org 928-451-1222

BadAss Coaching • A-16

BadAss Coaching is all about liberating your inner BadAss by learning how to manage your mind and take full responsibility for everything in your life. Are you ready to liberate your inner BadAss? www.DeirdreKarger.com (970) 946-5352 Deirdre@relaxdurango.com

Barry Helm • E-10

Barry Helm psychic, channel, bodyworker, healer has been practicing for 30 years traveling throughout the U.S. assisting individuals and groups in their transformational process. BarryHelm.com

Blessed Joy Oils - Young Living • B-4

Young Living Essential Oils and essential oil infused products can change your life! We offer solutions for a healthier, more abundant lifestyle using pure, authentic essential oils; nutritional supplements; personal care, infant and children's products and toxin-free mineral makeup. Step up to a healthier you! www.BlessedJoyOils.vibrantscents.com Jeanie Lephart 970-749-8123 BlessedJoyOils@yahoo.com

Christine Schubert • B-17

Transformational Coaching Coaching and BioGenesis Energy Work with Christine Schubert will assist your journey of transformation and awakening. Her book, Kundalini Survival Guide, is also available. Text or call Christine at 970-309-3542. www.JourneyOfTransformationAndAwakening.com

Cryo Med Spa / RockyMountainHGH.com • A-25

Learn the health benefits of cryotherapy, from pain management, reduced healing time, performance recovery, weight loss and boosting collagen regeneration. Increase your metabolism, which supports improved conditions of depression, anxiety and energy. Located at 1800 East Third Avenue, Suite 101, Durango 970.247.4113 NUL Homeopathic Transdermal HGH gel-FDA Registered.

Crystal Reiki Journey • D-10

Boost your journey to wholeness with the power of crystals and Holy Fire II Reiki • jbross1@outlook.com 970-764-5746

Crystals Calling • C-14

Crystals, gems, sacred art, mineral specimens, wood and stone carvings, tribal imports, incense, sage, copal, palo santo.

Designs by Josef “Let the energy of the piece speak to you.” • A-15

We are a husband and wife team who make spiritual products infused with high energy and vibration. Our items include jewelry, T-shirts, wood signs, etched glass, etc.

Donna Murray, Healer, Intuitive, Mentor. Body and Soul Healing • A-17

Helping people achieve happier, healthier, richer lives for 29 years! Stop by for FREEBIES including giveaways and a free drawing to win intuitive healing or biofeedback sessions! For a free 15 minute consultation call, 970-247-9076, email donna@bodyandsoulhealing.com or visit www.bodyandsoulhealing.com.

DoTERRA Essential Oils • C-5

DoTERRA is the healing difference! Come and experience doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and wellness products. DoTERRA oils have a profound effect on physical, emotional and spiritual health. Come meet the doTERRA experts and pick up your free sample. www.mydoterra.com/emalee

Diane Howell • C-22

Developed by Gary M Douglas, Bars is a massage that touches the 32 points on the head to release both current and lifetime stresses. It will be a great massage and will completely change your life.

Dierdre Karger • A-16

Coaching for the Budding BadAss by Dierdre Karger

Earth & Sky • E-22

Intuitive Energy Healing - Intuitive Readings - Hypnotherapy. Marina Muzzell, Intuitive Energy Healing, Durango, CO, offers a unique, integrated approach to healing body, mind and spirit. Marina helps people to claim their authentic, core essence. www.earthandsky.us 970-259-9205

Earth's Frequency • D-1

Frequency imprinted jewelry and products • Grounding technology to improve your overall wellbeing. www.facebook.com/earthfrequency tel:602-309-3953 email: pud@earthsfrequency.com

E.P.I.C. Empowering People, Inspiring Community Conscious Living Magazine • C-8

The mission of E.P.I.C., Empowering People, Inspiring Community is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and communities to make conscious decisions about living a healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyle, raising awareness of how our choices and actions impact ourselves, others and the planet. www.EpicMag.org or www.EpicTribe.org

Essential Oil Necklaces • D-12

Each one is a tiny, unique work of art. Profits support Heart for Guyana, an International, Christian Charity serving orphans, people in recovery and homeless in Guyana, S.America. Facebook page: “Essential Oil Necklaces Designed by Debra

Fashion A Fairytale • D-17

Discover your MAGIC! Astrological Gurus unveil your highest calling. Understand your North Star and get the most revealing and encouraging Astrological Birth Chart Reading Available In The World. Receive CERTAINTY about your future. Greatest personality assessment you will ever get! www.fashionafairytale.com

Fellowship of Spirit • A-4

We are a New Thought Spiritual Center dedicated to recognizing, honoring, and supporting the divinity and uniqueness in each of us. Our mission is to positively affect our world by extending love, spiritual understanding, peace, and friendship to all people without judgment. www.FellowShipOfSpirit.org 970-769-1041

Fluting from the Heart • C3

High Spirits native flutes in all keys, drums, and flute accessories. Learn how the chakras are affected by sounds of flutes to help keep the body balanced. Visit our booth for a free fluting lesson. Website: flutingfromtheheart.com Email: FlutingFromTheHeart@gmail.com

Four Trees Life Coaching and Ceremonies • B-8

Tara Frazer offers Life Coaching, especially for women, moms and peri-retirement aduts. She is offering a Six Week life coaching program for Women. In addition, she creates customized ceremonies and rites of passage for all occassions in life, whether Celebratory, or difficult in nature. www.fourtrees.live 970-759-9739

Friends of the Aztec Animal Shelter's Artisan Market • B-10

Friends of the Aztec Animal Shelter are raising funds for the shelter through the sales of American made arts and crafts through its Artisan Market. Find the perfectly unique gift for yourself and friends, and also support both the artists and the rescued animals. All proceeds from the sales go directly to the Aztec Animal Shelter.

Fuxion • D-4

Nanci Moore with Fuxion Functional Beverages.... Drink it Up! Fuxion Functional Beverages, Stay Hydrated & Nourished Everyday Day & Night!! NO Sugar, NO GMO, NO Gluten, NO Artificial ingredients! YES DELICIOUS! Visit us and Drink it Up! Expo Specials and Free Samples!! Nanci Moore 970-759-5363 and Penny Wanger 970-259-4848

Grandmother Wisdom • A-2

BODY: high energy metaphysical crystals and jewelry for healing and balance. MIND: books, get personal channeled messages with the purchase of “Ancient Wisdom.” SPIRIT: Totem animals, portable medicine wheels. EMOTIONS: Bach flower essences for healing trauma and stress. Plus more! www.AncientSpiritWisdom.com

Green Mantis • D-19

Green Mantis Hemp provides organic full spectrum CBD oil products such as tinctures, capsules, vape pens, and topical lotions. Also, Green Mantis LLC is the distributor of crystal energy products providing the body with negative ions that balances the energy levels and chakras of the body. Green Mantis products will help with pain, anxiety, depression, emf protection, balance, athletic performance and more. www.GreenMantisHemp.com 512-831-7330

Gypsy Sorceress • A-21

Let the Spirits communicate directly to you through tea leaves, crystal ball, Tarot cards

Heart of the Mother & Light Leaders Academy • D-1

Gwendolyn Hill and Laura Hosford will be offering readings from the Akashic Records, energy healing and light language. Stop by to enter our drawings for free sessions. For more information go to www.GwendolynHill.com or www.LauraHosford.com

Heartsong Animal Communication—Neave Karger • D-15

A Heart Song communication reading with Neave connects you with your animals (alive or in-spirit), your circle of spiritual resources and guides for a deep meaningful conversation. Receive answers to questions! Gain new perspectives and understanding of your beloved animal and your life!

HempWorx For Life • A-10

Discover How Thousands Of Men, Women, Children and Pets Are Benefiting From Our CBD Products! We have the Purest most Potent and Most Powerful CBD available from the Hemp Plant. Our products & ingredients are all 100% natural, and nothing is Genetically Modified. www.HempWorx.com/CherylSpurgin

Highly Mystic with Mariah and Stephen • C-16

Orgone Energy, Tarot Readings, Plant-based Meal Plans and More!

H2O At Home • D-6

H2O At Home is a French based company, which offers third party, European certified natural cleaning products, an aroma therapy line and an organic skin care line. These products are eco friendly, easy to use and efficient. www.MyH2oAtHome.com/kristing

Indoor Sunshine® by Sunshine Sciences® • C-10

Be calm and alert—Healthier—See better! Indoor Sunshine® light bulbs are the closest match to natural sunlight. Think rainbows and chakras. For people, pets, plants. The bulbs fit standard fixtures. Come See the Light! (After all, we are Light!)

Inspirations Unlimited: Donna Sessler • A-2

A collection of beautifully-crafted, high-energy jewelry made with crystals and gemstones; metaphysical tools; sacred geometry; EMF-protective products; and elevated vibration technology. Our collection of jewelry is designed intentionally with knowledge of conscious gem wisdom and energy combinations. Donna is an intuitive, strategic, solutionary life coach and multi-oracle reader; Available for readings and consultations. Donnareyna8@gmail.com | 303-589-0035

Jennifer Roe • A-7

Jennifer Roe is a Red Hat Chi Gung (Qigong) Practitioner. She has assisted many with connecting mind, body, and spirit by releasing blocks, healing the energetic body, and assisting her clients with discovering their true selves. www.TheHealingRoe.com; thehealingroe@gmail.com; (970)749-7543

Jordanne Standley • B-7

Taspen’s Organics: We handcraft over 200 health and Wellness products. We have wonderful moisturizers, products for pain,s skin healing,facial care, herbal remedies and more!

Justin Adair: Adair to be fit • A-6

Justin Adair is a former Marine and 4th Generation Durango Native. Justin brings multiple healing modalities and personal healing experiences for all to share and grow through modern and ancient healing techniques. Contact Justin @ 970-769-1885 or adair-jd@hotmail.com

Karen O’Dell • B-19

Etheric Energy Treatments provides: BioWell Biofield Analysis displaying the organisms' overall energetic output in joules and the energetic output and balance of all organs and systems of the body real-time display of the body's energetic response to internal &anmp; external stimuli.

Kathlene Casey—Natural Force Healing Practitioner • D-5

NFH was designed specifically for our personal revolutionary process. Bringing into perfect balance and harmony your Triune of well being. kmcasey13@gmail.com 505-429-1381

Kimberly Pappas • A-18

Come meet with Michele de 'Medici, a Five Element Acupuncturist and Kimberly Pappas, a Medical OzoneTherapist, to discover Alternative ways to maintain your good health and prevent illness. These therapies can provide support to your immune system and is an effective and safe way to address a variety of symptoms, stress, mood disorders, and pain management.

Larry Martin Professional Astrology • E-14

From People Magazine to cities around the U.S. and Canada, Larry has introduced empowering astrology to thousands. Enjoy a 15 minute eye-opening introduction to your personal astrology to empower yourself for 2018, 2019 and beyond! www.LarryMartin.biz 513-476-2222

LaurarainMcClain.com • D-22

Board Certified Health Coach—Being Fabulous over 40 helps clients struggling with Weight loss, Diabetes, IBS, Stress, Hypothyroidism and slow down the aging process. One on one sessions in a 90 day program, by phone, zoom or facetime.

Leslie Fonteyne • E-8

Leslie Fonteyne is a clairvoyant intuitive, channel and energetic healer who works with Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove blocks and interferences that stop you from experiencing fulfillment and abundance. Session result? Explosive inner change!

Light as a Feather • C-13

Feather utilizes sound frequencies to assist in a deeply relaxing ”sound healing” experience. Accessing the body’s meridians by applying tuning forks on acupressure points creates a realignment of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. 20 minute introductory sessions are available @ Whole Expo or contact Feather at plumasmith@yahoo.com or 970-317-4694 for a private session or consultation.

Marilyn and Dale Lawrence • B-21

Angelic and Divine Mastery-Level Messages are laced through each of the books written by Marilyn and Dale Lawrence. Their books are designed for Adults and Children, filled with Miraculous Connotations. Come enjoy, and schedule a private reading with Marilyn too!

Medical Intuitive, Judith Jubb • E-18

Clairvoyant from birth, able to interpret personal energy fields, has guided thousands of people to better lives. Clients receive an individual painting of their emational and physical health with their consultation. See article in E.P.I.C. Sept-Oct 2016 page 28. www.metempyrion.org

Medsense • B-6


Monica Devi Bhakti—Spirit Sisters Designs • A-11

Readings and Spiritually Inspired Jewelry. Monica has worked as a Healing Arts Practitioner and Spiritual Counselor for over 25 years. She and Kristen Hamilton specialize in creating beautiful wearable art pieces infused with Spirit. Monica: 970-553-9211, Kristen: 970-799-5923. monicabhakti@yahoo.com, spiritsistersdesigns@gmail.com, krimsondawg17@yahoo.com.

Nutrisail B-Lite • D-9

Nutrisail is a full line of Vitamin B-Lite supplements. A daily energizer designed to improve weight loss, mental focus and energy.

Pam Sears and De Alva Ward • E-12

Pam Sears is a Psychic, Medium, healer and author. She channels messages from guides, angels and/or loved ones. She is also the author of two books, Whispers of the White Dove and Heart of the White Dove. Both are available on Amazon. www.Pamsears.com. 623-738-6715. De Alva Ward is a shamanic practitioner of Hopi lineage who dives into your soul to bring guidance and balance to self. www.EarthMotherWisdom.com 602-316-2488

Pathfinder Chiropractic • B-9

Pathfinder Chiropractic is a neurologically based clinic. We see all ages of individuals from infants to great-great grandparents. We utilize state-of-the art technology in our office, including NASA certified technology and digital X-ray, so that we are not guessing with your health. We get to the root cause of your health care concerns.

PHD Advanced Nutrition • D-6

Weight loss, sports nutrition, weight management and nutrition education. 555 Rivergate Lane Ste B1 – 101. 970-764-4133

Prime My Body Hemp Oil • C-9

High Absorption CBD Oil. Nano Enhanced, Liposomal Delivery.

Psychic Sharon Sampsel • B-5

Sharon Sampsel, one of California’s top psychics with 25 years experience as a professional clairvoyant and healer, uses her gifts to help you find answers in your life. Receive clear and honest answers to assist you in achieving your desires and navigating through your challenges. www.PsychicSharonSampsel.com

Pure Sol Skin Care • A-5

Pure Sol skin care products are made of superb organic and all natural ingredients and crystal essences. All Pure Sol products are infused with Reiki and Universal Healing Energy then placed in a crystal healing grid. In this way each individual product receives the perfect amount of healing energy for the person who selects it or to whom it is given. Shop now at www.PureSolCreations.com

Rachel: Channel, Healer, Jewelry Artist • E-6

Experience transformational energy healing through kinesthetic mediumship, a non-touch process. Experience your own innate high spiritual vibration. Receive profound guidance from the guides. Browse Rachel’s original jewelry. Schedule ahead at 505-670-3978.

Renewal by Anderson • C-20

We are a full-service window replacement company. At our booth, we will be taking entries for our $15,000 window makeover sweepstakes and offering free window consultations.

Salt 360 Float Studio • B-15

Salt 360 offers a unique escape from today's on the go and always connected world. The therapeutic effects of floatation therapy, both mental and physical, promote mindfulness, reduces stress and aids in recovery. How can we help you achieve your goals? Visit us online at Salt360Float.com or call us at 970-422-8284.

Sarvaa Superfoods • A-3

Free samples of delicious Superfood. Protein shakes, Raw Cacao (Chocolate) “Shots”, Green Drinks, SuperFruit and more. All Organic Ingredients! Raw, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, 100% Plant-Based! All handcrafted locally in Durango. Show Specials. Save $5 - $25 Love Your Body! Love Everybody!

Share International Mountain West • A-20

Share International is a world-wide organization dedicated to informing the public about the eminent emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom into our everyday lives. Share-International.us/mtnw TransmissionMeditation.org 800-414-9172

Shaman Jean • D-3

Shamanic healing services offered: Chakra Clearings, Negative Energy Clearing, Soul Retrievals, Past Life Regressions, Illuminations, etc.. Jean teaches Shamanic classes and workshops, leads journey workshops, and performs Shamanic Ceremonies. www.ShamanJeanHealer.com shamanjean7@gmail.com 505-440-7118 Cell—Text messages received.

Shamanda Jewelry • C-15

Offers a variety of unique, handmade, locally produced items. We have our locally silk-screened Sacred Geometry alter cloths and crystal grids. We also have quality chakra gemstone jewelry, fun guitar string jewelry, and everything from gemstone earrings to bracelets to rings. Check out www.ShamandaJewelry.com

Spider Woman Therapies - Ilise Fertig • E-24

Shamanic energy clearing and healing, opening and balancing chakras, and intuitive readings along with handcrafted sterling silver and energy infused gemstone jewelry, charms, and spiritual statues.

Spirit Dancer Crystals • B-20

Crystals, minerals and jewelry from the heart of Mother Earth. Discover the healing energy of crystals. www.SpiritDancerCrystals.com

Steeped Tea • B-3

Premium loose leaf teas, pure natural ingredients. MySteepedTeaParty.com/KT204231

Structured Water Products • D-21

Structuring water is known as "passive water treatment." By including the basic principles which are contained in a natural mountain stream, Clayton Nolte, (inventor), brings you energetically and molecularly organized coherent water in a compact, easy to use device. www.StructuredWaterProducts.com 541-728-1766

Sue Breeze – Certified Psychic/Medium • D-8

Intuition Workshops, Presentation Coach Fourth generation Spiritualist with access to Loved Ones, Angels, Spirit Guides and Akashic Records. Tarot/Oracle/Reiki for Insight/Guidance/Healing. psychicsuebreeze@gmail.com or 719-332-1846 Phone Readings available.

Tarot Readings by Martha Reed • E-20

Martha is an Intuitive Tarot reader and brings years of experience and study to her readings. She is rated an Experienced Reader by the American Tarot Association and uses various intuitive abilities to interpret the cards. Visit her website: www.TarotReadingsbyMarthaReed.com

The Magic of Somatic Money • C-7

The old conditioning of “thinking” about “money” in our “minds” traps us in old fear and scarcity cycles. Money relationship is a dynamic full-body, richly data-filled experience constantly describing our inner and outer worlds of partnership and exchange. Transform your money relationship—learn about Somatic Money! www.somaticmoney.com

The Order of Angels • A-8

Booth Description: Tamara Milner is a psychic translator for Beings of Light that want to talk to you, she has been talking to these Beings all of her life and was led to translate for these Beings. She continues to design and make angel and spiritual jewelry, and she is one of the only retailers in the USA to sell Green & Blue Phantom Quartz Crystals.

The Recovery Coach • D-14

“Autumn” has a decade of experience in Addiction and Recovery. Addiction is often the underlying issue of anxiety, depression, or relationship issues. It brings to light an unmet desire to connect and be loved. “Autum” will meet you where you are, using mindfulness techniques to visit those places that deserve healing so you can level-up in your life! Let's do this—Together!

The Truth About Our Skies • D-7

Learn the Truth About Climate Engineering and how you can help expose and halt this cataclysmic assault on all life on our planet. Connect with other awakened citizens and verify credible data and evidence at www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org

Trisha Dolan • A-23

As a professional Medium for over 25 years, Trisha assists individuals to empower themselves. Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, she travels extensively sharing her profound talent, touching people's hearts with powerful messages. www.TrishaDolan.com 619-400-7020

TruArt of the Earth • B-14

High quality crystals and minerals, handpicked and offered at affordable prices. All specimens are cleansed and recharged with healing sound energy.

Valerie Evenings Porch • B-16

Evenings Porch Assisted Living Providing Premiere Living Services with Holistic, Organic and Preventative Service Options unique to Assisted Living Environments.

Wellspring Acupuncture: David Konikowski • A-14

Free Chinese Medical Pulse Diagnosis. Obtain specific information about the function of your body, including internal organ health, musculoskeletal conditions, emotional tendencies, neurological function, and health of the circulatory system. Learn more about David and his practice at www.acupuncturewellspring.com

White Eagle Creations • D-20

White Eagle Creations offer “one of a kind” clothing (shawls and silk scarves) and original art.

Whitney Lamb: Angel Channeler, Psychic Medium & Spiritual Healer • C-6

Whitney is a gifted Angel Channeler, Psychic Medium, Red Hat Chi Gung practitioner and spiritual teacher. Her true commitment, passion and purpose is to help others achieve self-mastery, spiritual healing and true inner peace via her connection with Spirit. www.WhitneyLamb.com