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as of June 9, 2019

A Cup of Sun Turmeric Superfood • B-16

A Cup of Sun Organic Turmeric Superfood Paste is a delightful healing blend of warming spices and herbs inspired by Ayurvedic tradition. It supports the health of mind, body and spirit.

A Total Life Concept: Food, Focus, Fitness • A-9

We empower people to put health in their own hands through a new perspective, experiential-based learning and implementing functional tools around food, focus, and fitness to enable individuals to create sustainable lifestyle changes to combat chronic health conditions. We will be offering free exploration sessions. www.Tlcdurango.com

Ancient Harmony Healing • C-6

We provide energy sprays, bath soaks, and lip balms made with combinations of essential oils and gem essences that support various intentions, such as grounding and purifying your energy. We also provide herb and flower hydrosols. Visit www.ancientharmonyhealing.com

Angel Communication - Your New Spiritual Horizon • C-19

Go deeply and boldly connecting to your angels and purpose with light and joy. Readings include angel, chakra, tarot and past life. Beautiful angel jewelry and healing stones. Follow-up programs offered. Visit www.newspiritualhorizons.com or call 970-903-3921.

Angelic Arts • A-22

Meg McDonald and Angela Carnrite. Contemplative visual art, watercolors, oils, etchings, poetry, metal, clay, and found rock jewelry. Inspiration for our personal and collective journey and renewal. Be still, open to your mystery. lunadreamcat10@yahoo.com

Animas Laser Therapy • B-13

Feel and look your best by taking advantage of Animas Laser Therapy’s (ALT) revolutionary FDA-approved laser technology. ALT is dedicated to providing a safe, non-invasive approach to managing pain, reducing inflammation, accelerating wound recovery, and even supporting fat loss. 970-422-8510

Aura Photos - Have a Beautiful Aura • B-1

Our Aura Camera is so sensitive, it even shows your angels! As seen on OPRAH and Good Morning America, you will receive an uplifting reading about your aura photo. (928) 821-9827

Awakened by Stephanie • C-15

Spiritual Advisor offering energy scans, readings at her booth, and abundance blessings.

Bath Planet of NM • C-10

Bath remodeling.

Bee Happy Bee Good • A-11

We provide alternative ways to heal the mind and body with intuitive messages and hand made Orgonite designs. We will have mini readings and orgonite designs for purchase.


Scientifically proven BEMER medical devices improve micro-circulation by up to 29%. This results in a need-based distribution of blood in the network of small vessels, making BEMER therapy an effective treatment option for many conditions.

Blessed Joy Oils - Young Living • B-4

Enjoy the Young Living lifestyle of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance. We offer solutions for a healthier, more abundant lifestyle using puree essential oils and oil infused nutritional supplements, personal care, infant and children products, toxin-free mineral makeup and much more! www.blessedjoyoils.vibrantscents.com Jeanie Lephart 970-749-8123 blessedjoyoils@yahoo.com

Body & Soul Healing • A-17

Donna Murray, Healer, Intuitive, Mentor. Helping people achieve a happier, healthier, richer lives for 30 years! Stop by for FREEBIES including giveaways and a free drawing to win intuitive healing or biofeedback sessions! For a free 15 minute consultation call, 970-247-9076, email donna@bodyandsoulhealing.com or visit www.bodyandsoulhealing.com.

BurgerFit • A-15

Alane Boyd, host of cooking show Cooking with My Friends, will cook BurgerFit burger samples and have her cookbook, BurgerFit, for sale. Connect with Alane at Cookingwithmyfriends.com and BurgerFitCookbook.com or email: hello@getburgerfit.com

Castille Creations/Alisa Hjermstad • C-17

You will be surrounded with gems and minerals from around the world. Schedule a 15 minute session to share with me your intentions and truth to find the areas in your life where the power of crystals would be benificial. Castillecreations137@gmail.com

Celebrating Life -Alight! Readings with Marya OMalley • D-12

Rev. Marya OMalley - Psychic readings for clarity and insight regarding personal, career and spiritual matters. Twenty-two years experience. Wonder about moving? What’s going on? Relationship? Developing your gifts? Phone/online readings, spiritual mentoring. www.MaryaOMalley.com, 505-318-2128

Crystal Reiki Journey • D-10

Boost your journey to wholeness with Crystal Reiki and Holy Fire III Reiki. Jan performs Crystal Reiki and Holy Fire III Reiki, a form of channeling healing spirits combined with the healing power of crystals. 970-764-5746 jbross1@outlook.com

Cura.Te • E-24

Cura.Te makes products for your home, bath, body, and oral care. Everything is handmade in Durango, Colorado and certified organic by the USDA. www.curateforlife.com

De Alva Ward - Hopi Shaman • A-25

Shamanic energy work - opening gateways into dimensions to shift energies within the body to bring balance and understanding to your life with native American wisdom. 602-316-2488 dealva@earthmotherwisdom.com www.earthmotherwisdom.com

DoTERRA Essential Oils • D-9

DoTERRA is the healing difference! Come and experience doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and wellness products. DoTERRA oils have a profound effect on physical, emotional and spiritual health. Come meet the doTERRA experts and pick up your free sample. www.olioessentials.com

Denise Leslie • A-21

Denise Leslie founder of Rocky Mountain Ukefest, will show and demonstrate the ukulele in her booth.

Dr. Dennis O’Brien • C-2

In practice since 1991, Dr O'Brien moved to Durango 5 years ago. His clinical work includes Non-Force Chiropractic, cold laser, Kinesiology and Clinical nutrition for Allergies, Asthma, Digestive, Hormonal & Autoimmune disorders. All proceeds go to Manna soup kitchen to feed the hungry. densaidyes@aol.com

Dreamstyle Remodeling • D-3

Your informational booth for home improvement! www.dreamstyleremodeling.com

Earth & Sky • E-22

Intuitive Energy Healing - Intuitive Readings - Hypnotherapy. Marina Muzzell, Intuitive Energy Healing, Durango, CO, offers a unique, integrated approach to healing body, mind and spirit. Marina helps people to claim their authentic, core essence. www.earthandsky.us 970-259-9205

Earth’s Frequency Technology • D-1

Frequency imprinted jewelry, insoles and pet collars. Grounding technology to improve your overall well being by restoring the millions of protons in the body so cells can communicate. facebook.com/earthsfrequency 602-309-3953 pud@earthsfrequency.com

Energy Healing with Annika Fae • E-14

Annika will guide you to release the energetic patterns of blocks and life-long issues that limit the richness and freedom of our lives, using her energy psychology modality, Dynamic Intuitive Release. Come by for a free consultation. www.dynamicintuitiverelease.com

E.P.I.C Empowering People, Inspiring Community Magazine • C-8

The mission of E.P.I.C., Empowering People, Inspiring Community is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and communities to make conscious decisions about living a healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyle, raising awareness of how our choices and actions impact ourselves, others and the planet. www.EpicMag.org or www.EpicTribe.org

Essence Crystal Bead Creations • B-18

Selling unique prayer beads that can be used in meditation, for reciting mantras or worn for their beneficial properties. We also offer Essence Readings with the option to have an Essence Crystal Bead Creation custom made based on the reading.

46 Evo • E-16

46Evo's all natural and genetic specific formulations for Men & Women are designed to improve the quality of your life, wellbeing, and maximize your fitness performance. We use only the finest ingredients to make superior nutraceuticals, period!

Face & Body Sophie’s Esthetics • D-4

Face & Body Day Spa is the only therapeutic day spa in Bayfield. It has many services to offer for everyone, including eyelash extensions, oxygenated facials, all-organic oncology skincare, full body waxing, laser fat reduction, spray tans, and so much more! We have special prices at the expo only!

Fellowship of Spirit • A-4

We are a spiritual center dedicated to recognizing, honoring and supporting the divinity and uniqueness in each human being by extending love, understanding peace and friendship to all people without judgement. 970-769-1041

Fluting from the Heart • C-3

High Spirits native flutes in all the keys and flute accessories. We now have a full complement of 432 frequency flutes. It is the vibration of Mother Earth and ancient tuning. Visit our booth for a free flute lesson. Flutingfromtheheart@gmail.com

Four Corners Chinese Medicine • D-21

Free pulse diagnosis! Providing the Four Corners with Chinese medical diagnosis, botanical medicine, plant-based nutrition, acupuncture and more. info@fourcornerschinesemedicine.com

Four Corners Kambo • E-18

Kambo is an Amazonian approach to physical, energetic, mental and spiritual detoxification. We will have information on everything Kambo - related: toolkit for cereonies, Hape (sacred non-smokable tobacco), sananga eye drops, and more! fourcornerskambo@gmail.com

Gloria Champion • D-20

Green Mantis Hemp • B-9

We provide organic full spectrum CBD oil products such as tinctures, capsules, vape pens, and topical lotions. Green Mantis LLC is the distributor of crystal energy products providing the body with negative ions that balance your energy bio field and chakras of the body. Green Mantis products help with pain, anxiety, depression, sleep low energy, and more. www.greenmantishemp.com 512-831-7330

H20 at Home • C-4

Intimacy for Everyone • D-6

Joye Pasco • A-18

Intuitive healer.

Kaiut Yoga • B-5

The Kaiut method is a restorative method that works from the joints to improve energy flow. It is a biomechanical practice that serves the modern body and modern mind. It keeps us healthy, mobile and pain free for as long as possible. Finally, a yoga for virtually every body! Visit www.kaiutyogadurango.com.

Lali Kakar • D-19

Lali uses Indian Vedic Divination - palmistry, numerology, Past Life readings and is a 3rd Eye Psychic medium to look at your future.

Leslie Fonteyne • E-8

Leslie Fonteyne is a clairvoyant intuitive, channel and energetic healer who works with Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove blocks and interferences that stop you from experiencing fulfillment and abundance. Session result? Explosive inner change!

Light As A Feather • C-13

Feather utilizes sound frequencies to assist in a deeply relaxing ”sound healing” experience. Accessing the body’s meridians by applying tuning forks on acupressure points creates a realignment of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. 20 minute introductory sessions are available @ Whole Expo or contact Feather at plumasmith@yahoo.com or 970-317-4694 for a private session or consultation.

MedSense Massagers • B-6

Kneading shiatsu Massagers. www.medsensemassagers.com

Metempyrion Foundation • D-14

Medical Intuitive Judith Jubb, clairvoyant from birth, able to interpret personal energy fields, has guided thousands of people to better lives. Clients receive an individual painting of their emotional and physical health with their consultation. www.metempyrion.org 970-731-1809

Natural Beauty by Nanette • B-19

Natural skincare for women, men, and children. www.naturalbeautybynanette.com

Norwex • C-17

Demonstrating home and business cleaning products using microfibre cloths and water. Online sales if purchasing products.

Nutrify Skin • C-22

Nutrify Skin offers all natural body and home care products, handcrafted to inspire the loving care of body, mind, and spirit. Handcrafted items offered: botanical skincare, high vibrational jewelry, herbal teas, crocheted items, and more. www.nutrifyskin.com

Oh So Soft by NAB • D-22

All natural lotion bars for $5.99 each, locally made in Durango. www.ohsosoft.net ohsosoftbynab@gmail.com

Pagosa Wellness Spa • B-20

Wellness Center and Spa providing spa services, cleanse programs, and wellness medicine. Demonstrating thermal imaging equipment, laser and Ayruvedic Pulse Reading. Also selling supplements. 970-422-7161info@pagosawellness.com

Pam Sears • E-12

Pam Sears is a psychic, medium, healer and author. She channels messages from guides, and loved ones. She is the author of two books, Whispers of the White Dove and Heart of the White Dove, both available on Amazon. www.pamsears.com 623-738-6715

Paonia Soil • C-20

We sell fully mineralized living organic soil and high-end horticultural products to garden centers and licensed farms. Our soil is exploding with millions of beneficial insects and microorganisms.

Pathfinder Chiropractic • A-10

Neurologically based and pediatric certified chiropractors. We utilize state-of-the-art technology to see exactly what is going on with your nervous system. We are very specific, gentle and results driven. We look forward to serving you and your family. 970-422-1766

Pathways Physical Therapy & Holistic Health • B-3

We are Physical Therapists experienced in providing PT for ultra Athletes, weekend warriors, and women and men with musculoskeletal dysfunction. We offer traditional techniques such as manual therapy, Dry Needling and postural and body mechanics instruction. What makes us different is our unique one on one sessions for specialized attention as well as our inclusion to a holistic approach incorporating mindfulness and meditation for optimal healing of the body, mind, and soul. www.pathwaysdurango.com

PHD Weight Loss • E-2

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for individuals by improving their health and energy. We do this by creating a metabolic shift and long lasting behavior change through a unique change, simple and customized approach. 970-764-4133

Psychic Sharon Sampsel, Psychic Reading • B-17

Sharon Sampsel, one of California’s top psychics with 25 years experience as a professional clairvoyant and healer, uses her gifts to help you find answers in your life. Receive clear and honest answers to assist you in achieving your desires and navigating through your challenges. www.PsychicSharonSampsel.com

Pure Sol Skincare • A-5

All natural and organic skincare products made in Durango.

Reiki Lacey • E-10

Bring balance, harmony and positive energy into your life. Handmade crystal and gemstone necklaces infused with Reiki for wearable artforms that radiate light and love. Lacey’s Reiki sessions are gentle yet powerful and optimize all aspects of Being!

Renewal by Andersen • D-7


Robert Wood - Spirit Aura • A-6

Rodan + Fields • D-8

See and try all the Rodan + Fields skincare products at our booth, and we will answer any questions. Sign up for our drawing to win free product! www.jhamill.myrndf.com www.Apietrack.myrandf.com

SRA Pain & Laser Center • C-5

Non-pharmaceutical pain relief you can feel and see with our advanced procedures in laser technology, infrared imaging, clinical diagnostics and ortho-neuromuscular exercises for difficult, failed and complicated conditions. www.sralaser.org 970-844-0657

Sacred Bliss Medicinals • A-13

Calling upon the wisdom of Nature to restore health and balance to our physical body and divine essence. Handmade and Heart Based. Herbal yoni steams, tinctures, salves, & elixirs. Crystal yoni eggs and wands. Homegrown-local CBD products & Pleasure Lubricant.

Salt 360 Float • B-15

Discover the healing powers of a zero sensory experience. The therapeutic effects of floatation therapy, both mental and physical, promote mindfulness, reduce stress, and aid in recovery. How can floating help you achieve your goals? Stop by our booth to learn more. www.salt360float.com / 970-422-8284 / 3750 Main Ave Durango, CO

Sarvaa Superfood • A-3

Free samples of delicious Superfood. Protein shakes, Raw Cacao (Chocolate) “Shots”, Green Drinks, SuperFruit and more. All Organic Ingredients! Raw, Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free, Non-GMO, 100% Plant-Based! All handcrafted locally in Durango. Show Specials. Save $5 - $25 Love Your Body! Love Everybody!

Seamineral.com • A-14

Liquid sea minerals, plain and infused with organic herbs; 100% pure, natural skin cream, sea mineral infused powdered electrolytes. Teaching and explaining (Nature’s Electro Magnetic Equation) using psychometric dowsing.

Shaolin World • B-21

Specialized field: Grand Master Qi is a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner and he is a world-famous Chinese cultural advancement and astrology Feng Shui expert. He is an expert energy healer. He is an expert on uses of energy to treat acupressure points, detoxification and herbal medicine to treat various incurable diseases. www.shaolinworld.com

Shamanda Jewelry • B-10

Offers a variety of unique, handmade, locally produced items. We have our locally silk-screened Sacred Geometry alter cloths and crystal grids. We also have quality chakra gemstone jewelry, fun guitar string jewelry, and everything from gemstone earrings to bracelets to rings. Check out www.ShamandaJewelry.com

Share International • A-20

Share International is a world-wide organization dedicated to informing the public about the eminent emergence of Maitreya the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom into our everyday lives. www.Share-International.us/mtnw www.TransmissionMeditation.org 800-414-9172

Shaviq Studio • E-6

I am a Japanese career artist focusing on Shin-Rin Yoku - retreat to the forest to reset. My watercolor art prints are affordable and my jewelry line is designed with chakra gemstones in mind, and focused on nature. I also do art therapy classes. www.Shaviqstu.com

Tarot Readings by Martha Reed • E-20

Martha is an Intuitive Tarot reader and brings years of experience and study to her readings. She is rated an Experienced Reader by the American Tarot Association and uses various intuitive abilities to interpret the cards. Visit her website: www.TarotReadingsbyMarthaReed.com

Tai Chi Chih with Amy Moody • E-4

Are you looking for better Health? Happiness? Peace of mind? Tai Chi Chih is an evidence-based Moving Meditation that circulates and then balances the body's Chi, or life force energy. It is a soft, flowing, moving meditation that is easy to learn and easy to do. Amy Moody is an accredited Tai Chi Chih instructor. Contact Amy at (970) 779-8060 or amyewingmoody@gmail.com. To learn more visit the main website at www.taichichih.org.

Treenet Willy • C-16,C-18,D-15, D-17

Hand made tree nets, hammocks, chairs and more!

Trisha Dolan • A-23

As a professional Medium for over 25 years, Trisha assists individuals to empower themselves. Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner®, she travels extensively sharing her profound talent, touching people's hearts with powerful messages. www.TrishaDolan.com 619-400-7020

Tru Art of the Earth • B-14

We carry high-vibrational crystals tuned with sound and light. We hand pick and select our stones and crystals.

Valentus • B-8

Valentus is a global wellness company focusing on four principles: Blood flow, digestion, pain relief, and brain health. Our flagship product, Optimum Coffee, has helped thousands to lose and main a healthy weight. Optimum Coffee allows your body to metabolize fat for fuel, regulate blood sugar, improve mood and focus, and boost circulation.

Victoria Gonzales • A-16

Reader, psychic.

We Fill • C-7

At our store, we refill your containers to save waste in packaging! Shampoo, detergents, etc.

Wisdom Ways Living & Learning • D-5

Raise your vibration with Movement, Brain Gym ® Kinesiology, Sound Tuning and CBD. Tuning forks and hemp products for sale. Schedule 5 min/$10; 15 min/$20; 30min/$40. Balance or Tuning sessions. 614-406-3612. wisdomwaylearning@gmail.com. Facebook: Wisdom Ways Living and Learning.

Z Chiropractic • B-7

Z Chiropractic is a local chiropractic practice that specializes in family health from moms and babies to adults. Come visit our booth and learn what is limiting your health and wellness, and how you can bring your health to the next level.