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Testimonials from Exhibitors

Having done a bunch of expos near and far I just have to say that the 4 Corners Whole Expo is the best event for sure. The event is well organized, from booking to arrival, and I loved that communication is personal, easy and excellent. The venue is well attended, quite attractive with a variety of quality vendors and the staff sets a spirit filled tone.  Every year I speak with so many lovely people at my booth I just feel blessed. Can't wait for next year! • Lynn Goodwin - The Urantia Book Fellowship

Being at the WholeExpo for the first time as an Exhibitor was such a wonderful experience. The people who attended were such a joy to meet, and the Expo truly publicized well, because there was a constant flow of people throughout the weekend. Each person who came for a Reading was a gift and there were so many treasured practitioners there, of all sorts, that it must have been a fulfilling experience for everyone. A great joy was also communicating with Judy, the Producer of the event, who offered her heart throughout the process of joining this year. I would highly recommend the Durango WholeExpo to everyone - to nourish a person's soul and help them create an even greater life of joy and fulfillment. • Susan Lewis - Intuitive Consultant


I attended the Durango WholeExpo event this year for the first time, and it was a successful weekend for me. It was well-marketed with good attendance of a demographic that was interested in my business, and I also enjoyed connecting with the other vendors. Registration was straightforward, and Judy kept us updated with information to help vendors get the most from the event. Jaye Garcia – Messages Jaye’s Way: I just want to share how lovely the people of Durango WholeExpo have been. I find infinite pleasure In participation for the last several years and hopefully more to come. Embracing the community! Aho! • Jane Wotton - NYR Organic Independent Consultant


I loved participating  in the Whole Expo this past September.  I had just launched my new practice, Durango Aromatherapy, and was grateful for the opportunity to introduce it to the Durango community at this event!  The energy was wonderful, the atmosphere collaborative and inspired. Everything flowed from set up to breakdown.  Whole Expo is a wonderful experience all around and I look forward to participating every year! • Caitlin Connaughton, CCA - Durango Aromatherapy


My experience of having a booth at WholeExpo in 2014 was PRICELESS!  The response from those attending exceeded my wildest expectations.  The planning, direction and caring from event staff made participation extremely easy.  The support and companionship of other vendors was Golden.  So looking forward to 2015.  WOW, 20th Anniversary.  No surprise! • Judy Cowan LifeVantage Products


The WholeExpo buzzes with a high vibration of passion for holistic health.  In addition to the great exposure it provided our business, the WholeExpo was a fun place to explore and learn!  Overflowing with information, each participant was sure to leave with a heightened awareness for the body, mind, and spirit. • Sally, Stacy and Ami - Surya Health and Wellness


2014 was our first year to participate in the Whole Expo and we were very pleased with every step of the event. From the moment we decided to contact Judy (which was a delight first off) to the hugs and kisses shared with our fellow vendors in the last few moments before departing until next year it was a joyous and prosperous event. We are looking forward to 2015 show see you front and center. • Debbie SelbeOwner, Rollingstone Art Studios


I have been attending the WholeExpo in Durango for the past 10 years... first as a visitor and now as a Shamanic Healer.  I participate at other shows but cannot emphasize how at home I feel when I walk in to set up for this show.  Judy, the producer, and all her staff and volunteers are always friendly, bubbly, and ready to help.  They go above and beyond for us and strive to make the show better and better... This year was a super busy one.  I worked with 25 people non-stop Saturday and Sunday and sadly had to turn some away at the end of the day.... I am looking forward to an even better show as they celebrate their anniversary this coming year.  • Jean Dominguez Light Touch Shaman

I had a great time at the show and it was the best one yet. People were everywhere and they seemed so excited. We had a highly successful time. • Polly Cady and Kathleen ThreetHandwriting Analysts

Whole Expo is a great show and the show is always a great success. I am always greeted with warmth and kindness, and I love to do this show! It is well promoted and well attended. It is always an honor and a privilege to be a part of this show. Thanks for all of your hard work. Every year it just gets better! Thank you for all you do. • Angel LightfeatherSpiritual and Astrological Counselor