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as of January 6, 2021
Addendum to Whole Expo 2021 Program (added after Printing)
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Akashic Readings with Cheryl Lynn • D-14

Access your life from your soul’s perspective as Cheryl channels information from the Akashic Records. Gain a deeper understanding of who you are, why you are here, and how you can better navigate the challenges you face. www.theakashicjourney.com

Aligned Living • A-22

Are you living aligned and experiencing your best life now? Purchase Tuning Forks and transformational high vibe products. Experience a live Kinesiology or Vibrational Sound Tuning session with Caren. Pre-register; www.picktime.com/alignedlivingcaren, 614-406-3612.

Angel Communication - Your New Spiritual Horizon • C-19

Go deeply and boldly connecting to your angels and purpose with light and joy. Readings include angel, chakra, and past life. Beautiful angel jewelry and healing stones. Follow-up programs offered. Visit www.newspiritualhorizons.com or call 970-903-3921.

Annie Radzus • A-5

Medical Intuitive. Psychic Medium. Akashic Records. www.annieradzus.com 949-447-9300 astroannie@msn.com

Artful Things • A-17

Mixed media artwork and collectibles.

Bear Smart • D-22

Our mission is to provide educational materials for people to learn how to humanely coexist with American black bears in our area. We will provide information on bear-resistant trash containers, electric fencing, unwelcome mats, removing human food attractants from being accessed by bears, local fruit-gleaning efforts, and more. Sign up for the BSD email list! www.bearsmartdurango.com


A 23-year-old patented German medical technology that improves local blood flow thereby supporting healthy aging, vitality, and enhancing sports performance and recovery. Eva Sanchez (505) 967-9999

Betty Bluebird Homemade • D-3

Betty Bluebird Homemade is a local eco-friendly business that provides high quality homemade goods such as organic beeswax candles, recycled paper cards, Durango wildflower cards, and empowering green-friendly tees. www.bettybluebirdhomemade.com

Black Toad Apothecary, Argos Marinoctis • A-4

Old World artisans bring to you an array of handcrafted wares, from witch bottles to magical oils and ritual powders. Argos will be casting bones, an ancient Divination, to illuminate your path and assist in revealing the unknown. www.blacktoadapothecary.com

Blessed Joy Oils/Young Living • B-4

Discover Young Living! Everyone deserves a life of abundance and wellness. You’ll find more than essential oils - you’ll find a new lifestyle! Earn free products, transform your financial future and bring life changing solutions to homes around the world. www.blessedjoyoils.vibrantscents.com Jeanie Lephart 970-749-8123

Blue Ray Healer • D-13

We will offer healing energy-infused products, healing pad, healing bottle, healing wand, and chakra healing.

Castille Creations, Alisa Hjermsted • C-9

Freshly stocked with lithium quartz and lepidolite to calm your nerves without lowering your energy level. Tune your vibration with Tibetan singing bowls and continue your relationship with a variety of crystal allies. abhjerm@gmail.com

Christopher Mendez Psychic Medium • A-9

This is a great opportunity to receive a 5-star reading from a highly recommended Psychic Medium. christopherpsychicmedium@gmail.com

Collective Alchemies • A-11

Collective Alchemies will feature upcycled silk sari skirts, affirmation jewelry, Ayahuasca jewelry and shamanic tools from Peru and manifestation tools like oracle cards and affirmation decks. We feature items from independent artists both local to the AZ area as well as artists we personally know in the Peruvian jungle. Small entrepreneurs supporting independent artists! www.collectivealchemies.com

doTerra Essential Oils by Sharon • D-5

Do Terra Essential Oils and related products to use in lieu of chemicals. Pursue what’s Pure! Learning to use essential oils is easier than you think. www.mydoterra.com/alternativesbysharon

Dr. Dennis O’Brien • C-3

In practice for 29 years, Dr. O’Brien has been in the Four Corners area for 6 years. For his patients’ benefit he uses NON-FORCE chiropractic adjustments and whole food supplements to restore normal body function FROM THE INSIDE OUT. He treats a great variety of conditions. Stop by his booth for a heart graph. densaidyes@aol.com

Durango Biofeedback • A-7

Energy and vibrational treatments are becoming more widely accepted and common. BioFeedback has been proven to help with a number of health related issues. Try out our sound lounge for a quick full bodied vibrational tune-up and learn more how I may help you on your path towards health. durangobiofeedback@gmail.com

Earth’s Frequency Technology • D-1

Frequency imprinted jewelry and insoles. Also, a whole home unit with frequency imprinted. Grounding technology to improve your overall well being by restoring the trillions of protons in the body so cells can communicate. www.buytfp.com/Larvell-Pud-Greeson, 602-309-3953, pud@earthsfrequency.com

E.P.I.C. Magazine • B-3

The mission of E.P.I.C., Empowering People, Inspiring Community is to educate, empower and inspire individuals and communities to make conscious decisions about living a healthy, sustainable and spiritual lifestyle, raising awareness of how our choices and actions impact ourselves, others and the planet. www.EpicMag.org or www.EpicTribe.org

Green Mantis Hemp • A-14

Green Mantis LLC presents wellness solutions for a healthier and happier body. We provide organic full spectrum CBD oil products such as tinctures, capsules, vape pens, and topical lotions. Green Mantis LLC is the distributor of crystal energy products providing the body with negative ions that balance the energy fields and chakras of the body. The crystals of germanium, tourmaline and carbon titanium are infused into our necklaces, bracelets, back brace, knee, elbow, ankle sleeves, tourmaline socks, EMF cell phone protection cards, and germanium crystal massage wands. Our products will help with pain, anxiety, depression, EMF protection, balance, athletic performance and more. greenmantishemp.com 512-669-9670

Habitat for Humanity/Habitat Restore • E-24

Information on becoming a Habitat homeowner, how to help with building a home, volunteer and fundraising opportunities. See some of our quality furniture items that are available for purchase at the ReStore. www.habitatlaplata.org

Have A Beautiful Aura.com • B-1

Our camera is so sensitive it even shows your angels and spirit guides. As seen on Oprah and Good Morning America! angels@angelsangelsangels.org, (928) 451-1222

Healing with Trees/Margaret Cheasebro • A-21

Fiction and nonfiction books involving trees for adults to young children. They include the benefits of connecting with trees, adventures with trees, and experiences of two young children who befriend a cottonwood. Pendulums made from trees are also available.

Healy World • E-2

For anyone seeking their apex by healing the vibrational root of physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns. The wearable Healy device scans and refines your distinctive frequencies to guide you to your leading edge of health and well being. craigvalk@gmail.com, www.wellnesstotheworld.com

Healthy Help 4U - Beth Carpenter • D-6 & D-8

Providing healings, cord cutting, chakra clearing and readings of auric fields. There is also a product line of vegan, supercharged skincare - spritzers, moisturizers, bodywash, scrub, eye serum, and Dos Verdes tea.

Hemply Ever After • D-10

Local organic Hemp Farm with holistic products for health and beauty, such as salves, tinctures, lotion bars and more. Terra Sol Ranch produces Hemply Ever After products while using the smallest energy and water footprint possible, using solar, wind and gravity. www.hemplyeverafter.com

Henna Designs/Prayers to Wear • E-10

Prayers to wear, with Renu Lal, renowned henna artist, intuitive healer and palm reader. A native of New Delhi, India, Renu has the ability to tune in with your energy an draw your personalized sacred symbols. Visit Renu to learn the meanings of traditional symbols and learn which ones best enhance your life purpose. www.hennadesigns.com

Inspirations Unlimited, Donna Sessler • A-2

The Inspirations Collection contains over 365 amazing gemstones and specimens in their natural crystalline and geometric form. Donnareyna’s jewelry is designed intentionally with knowledge of conscious gem corroboration and combinations. To see some of her evolving collections, please go to www.crystalclearinspiration.com.

Introducing Amare Global Products • D-4

Looking for clean, natural solutions for stress and anxiety? Did you know that mental fitness is in your gut? Improve your Mood, Motivation, and Metabolism while increasing mental, emotional, and physical vigor. Accomplish more and look good doing it! Samples served! Contact: Penny Wanger pennywanger@gmail.com, www.myamareglobal.com/23851, 970-946-8949

Lama Yoga Healing Center, Rev. George Harris • A-6

It is time to pay more attention to couples, parents, families, as an important part of our society needing support for their relationships, spiritual and health growth. Rev George has created “The Community of the Beloved Family” with 3 ministries for those needs. famlivsys@spinn.net

Leslie Fonteyne • E-8

Experience a life-changing session with Leslie Fonteyne, an intuitive energetic healer, clairvoyant, channel and life transformation catalyst who works with Ascended Masters and Archangels to remove present and past lifetime blocks to fulfillment and abundance. Guidance, healing and transformation all in one session! www.lesliefonteyne.com

Light as a Feather • C-13

Feather utilizes sound frequencies to assist you in a deeply relaxing “sound healing” experience. Accessing the body’s meridians by applying tuning forks on acupressure points creates a realignment of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Twenty-minute introductory sessions are available at WholeExpo, or contact Feather at plumasmith@yahoo.com or 970-317-4694 for a private session or consultation.

Medium & Psychic Kim Moore • E-4

Kim Moore has been delivering messages from loved ones in spirit and empowering psychic insights and guidance for the past 15 years. Stop by for a personal reading today. www.readingsbykim.com

Medsense MAWT • A-16, A-18

Medsense sells high quality kneading massagers, foot massagers and percussion massagers. sales@medsensemassagers.com

Mountain Hyperbarics • D-9

Will be providing information on how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used for both medical treatment as well as for general health & well-being, athletic performance and acclimating to elevation. We will be offering free ½ hour consultations and carryall bags at the booth. We will also have a free drawing for a stainless steel water bottle on the hour beginning at 11am Saturday. www.mountainhyperbarics.com

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage • D-7

Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage is your home for Non-GMO and organic groceries and supplements. We will be offering samples and giveaways to help provide information on health and well being to our community.

Pathfinder Chiropractic • A-10

Pathfinder Chiropractic is a neurological based chiropractic office that focuses on the nervous system and fixing the root cause of symptoms. We provide free educational and neurological screenings of the neck. We see everybody from infants to the elderly. www.pathfinderchiropractic.com

Plasma Energy Products • B-5

Keshe based technology for wellness. Michael Glant MD, owner. www.plasmaenergyproducts.com, plasmaenergyproducts@outlook.com

Psychic Sharon Sampsel • B-17

Sharon Sampsel, one of California’s top psychics with 25 years experience as a professional clairvoyant and healer, uses her gifts to help you find answers in your life. Receive clear and honest answers to assist you in achieving your desires and navigating through your challenges. www.PsychicSharonSampsel.com

Psychic Sue Breeze • A-13

Sue Breeze - Certified Psychic/Medium 4th Generation Spiritualist provides Tarot/Oracle/Akashic-Past Life Readings, Presentation & Intuition Personal Coaching, Group Workshops. Available in person, online & by phone. 719-332-1846, psychicsuebreeze@gmail.com

Radiant Divine Frequencies • B-21

An Intuitive Channel & Energy Healer, Martha Judith is delighted to bring to you aromatherapy sprays channeled with the Divine Feminine’s Energy and Guidance: the scent and vibration of Divine Love, Serene, and Light~Hearted here to support your Well-Being. www.radiantdivinefrequencies.com.

Rejuvenation Skincare • B-7, B-9

Rejuvenation sells skincare products. www.celestolite.com

Renewal by Andersen • D-7

Window and door replacement. Giveaway for $15,000 window makeover! www.trustourwindows.com

Sacred Art Cyrina/Cy Rinkel • B-20

Collage wall art - religious shrines, Our Lady, Frida Khalo, Altar Runes, Collage Cards, Eye Pillows, Tea Towels. cyrina26@gmail.com, 720-485-0805, www.tumbledseaglass.com

SALT 360 Float • A-15

Discover the healing powers of a zero-sensory experience. The therapeutic effects of floatation therapy, both mental and physical, promote mindfulness, reduce stress, and aid in recovery. How can floating help you achieve your goals? Stop by our booth to learn more. Discounted floats available for purchase during WholeExpo! www.salt360float.com. 970-422-8284. 3750 Main Ave., Durango, CO.

Shamanda Jewelry • B-10

We offer a variety of unique, handmade, locally produced items. We have locally silk-screened Sacred Geometry altar cloths and crystal grids. We also have quality chakra gemstone jewelry, fun guitar string jewelry, and everything from gemstone earrings to bracelets to rings. www.shamandajewelry.com

Spiritual Experiences Group of Durango/Pagosa Springs • A-3

Venture beyond the ordinary, explore new ways to view life. Develop more Love in life. Learn an ancient mantra sung to promote healing, peace and calm. Spiritual Experiences Guidebook and Wisdom books available - free. Learn about ECKANKAR at https://eckankar-colorado.org

Tarot Readings by Martha Reed • E-20

Martha is an Intuitive Tarot reader and brings years of experience and study to her readings. She is rated an Experienced Reader by the American Tarot Association and uses various intuitive abilities to interpret the cards. Visit her website at www.TarotReadingsbyMarthaReed.com

The BioMat Store/Healing Space Massage • C-5

The BioMat, as a healing modality, emits far infrared rays and produces negative ions that detoxify and reduce inflammation while stimulating the relaxation response. I will be offering 20-minute sessions on professional and mini-mats, and taking orders for BioMats. www.suemcshanemassage.com

The Code Journey • E-22

Sharing the annually published book The Code Journey - A Daily Guide for Life on Earth. Insightful work full of wisdom incorporating over 50 different modalities, beliefs, practices and tools. Many find this to be a must have tool for maneuvering life on Earth. www.compassionatecodes.com

Trisha Dolan • A-23

As a professional Medium for over 25 years, Trisha assists individuals to empower themselves. Certified by Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner, she travels extensively sharing her profound talent, touching people’s hearts with powerful messages. www.AskTrishaDolan.com 619-400-7020

Victorian West • A-14

Victorian West offers semi-precious jewelry, stone flowers, crystal generators, pre-packaged meditation grids designed by us, and mineral specimens. Try the “MInute Chakra,” a quick scan of your chakras using Reiki to ascertain your chakra balance.
Contact: victorianwest@hotmail.com, or cynthia_33@msn.com
Website: victorian-west.myshopify.com

We Fill • D-12

We Fill is Durango's only zero-waste store and refilling station. We will have zero-waste and package-free locally made products for sale at our booth. Sign up for our email list and get a coupon! www.wefillcolorado.com.

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