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as of August 11, 2022

2022 WholeExpo Exhibitor Booth Descriptions

A Nudge of Nature • C-9

Get in touch with nature through gems and minerals, sound bowls and other meditative tools. Construct a kit designed especially for you or design your own mala from a variety of over 40 types of beads. abhjerm@gmail.com

Age of Aquarius • A-16

The Age of Pisces has ended and with it the structures that no longer serve us must go. Learn of some of the consequences of these changes and of the glories of the Age of Aquarius.

Akashic Readings with Cheryl Lynn • E-10

Access your life from your soul’s perspective as Cheryl channels information from the Akashic Records. Gain a deeper understanding of who you are, why you are here, and how you can better navigate the challenges you face. www.theakashicjourney.com

Aligned Living, Caren Truske MS Ed. • A-20

Aligning Body-Mind-Spirit for optimal living, learning and performance. Om Octave Starter kit. Tuning Forks. Classes and courses for sale. Vibrational Sound Tuning and Kinesiology sessions available; Chakra Balancing, Brain Tuning, Acu-Tuning, Core Activation, Carens Choice. Pre-register @ www.picktime.com/alignedlivingcaren or 614-406-3612.

Alternatives by Sharon • D-4

DoTerra Essential Oils and related products to use in lieu of chemicals. Pursue what’s Pure! Learning to use essential oils is easier than you think. www.mydoterra.com/alternativesbysharon

Angel Communication - Your New Spiritual Horizon • C-19

Go deeply and boldly connecting to your angelic reawakening! Readings to inspire you in your direction and harmony NOW! These include angel chakra and past life readings. Follow up programs offered. Visit https://newspiritualhorizons.com or call 970-903-3921.

Aura Photo NM • A-13

Aura Photo NM captures your personality in a picture! Every aura photo session includes your printed photo, interpretation, and pamphlet detailing the colors in your aura. Chakra photos and emailed reports can be added on. Packages between $20-40. www.auraphotonm.com auraphtonm@gmail.com

Bad Ass Beaded Creations • B-15

Beautiful hand-made one of a kind crystal jewelry as well as Rose Essence and Oracle Card readings. Find out more about who you really are with a reading and then choose one of our creations to boost your essence and let your inner light shine! dedokarger@gmail.com 970-946-5352.

Blessed Joy Oils/Young Living • C-3

Discover the healthy lifestyle of Young Living! Everyone deserves a life of wellness, purpose, and abundance. Much more than our pure, authentic essential oils: nutritional supplements, personal cae, infant and children’s products, toxin-free mineral makeup, pet products, healthy home products, essential oil-infused CBD and much more! blessedjoyoils@yahoo.com.

Blue Z Life • D-1

Walter and Christy will sell and sample Japanese fermented apricots- these have been fermenting for 3 years, are full of probiotics and are amazing for gut health, especially for those with constipation issues. Christy will promote her Blue Z Life online health community- making holistic health affordable, and her weight loss program. Real health and weight loss the right way- not chemical drinks or cutting calories. It is about speeding up the metabolism, eating real food and building muscle. www.bluezlife.com

Body & Soul Healing with Donna Murray - Healer, Intuitive and Mentor • A-17

Feel like you’ve tried everything to feel better, get healthy, improve your relationships or connect spiritually - but nothing’s really working? Let’s talk! Stop by for a complimentary consultation, a free drawing for healing sessions, and more! www.bodyandsoulhealing.com, 970-247-9076, donna@bodyandsoulhealing.com.

C.A.R.E. Esthetics • A-2

(Center for Oral and Facial Rejuvenation) Discover the most recent advances in all-natural facial rejuvenation. Learn how we can harvest growth factors from your own plasma to reverse aging. www.thecenterfororalandfacialrejuvenation.com

Christopher Psychic Medium • A-9

World renowned Psychic Medium. www.christopherpsychicmedium.com

Community of the Beloved Family • A-6

A resource to create an enlightened society for couples, parents and families to experience the natural love in families through three ministries: improved communication and relationships, healing the emotional body, and deeper connection with God’s love. Reverend George Harris.

Delmore • C-14


Dr. Dennis O’Brien • C-2

In practice for 31 years, Dr. O'Brien has been in the Four Corners area for 9 years. For his patients' benefit he uses NON-FORCE chiropractic adjustments and WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTATION to restore normal body function FROM THE INSIDE OUT. He treats a wide variety of conditions. Stop by his booth for a HEART GRAPH and health assessment. densaidyes@aol.com.

Durango Farmers Market • D-3

Sunday booth only. We will have information about the Farmers Market, our state association, Colorado Proud produce charts and various market merchandise (hats, shirts, market bucks) as well as information on upcoming events or promotions. Come learn more about your local producers! www.durangofarmersmarket.com

Earth Mother Wisdom • A-25

De Alva Ward will be incorporating her cultural techniques in her mini sessions to provide energy shifting within the body, spiritual guidance, and insights to your spiritual path. Each session comes with a special gift created for you. www.earthmotherwisdom.com

Enlighten Up and Satiama Publishing • B-9

Enlighten Up with dog and cat wisdom card decks designed to give you ‘Paws”. Satiama Publishing offers products for inner transformation with a hand-curated collection of conscious living books for all ages, card decks, music and a fantastic board game. www.enlightenup.biz www.satiamapublishing.com

Green Mantis Hemp • B-13

Green Mantis LLC presents wellness solutions for a healthier and happier body. We provide organic full spectrum CBD oil products such as tinctures, capsules, vape pens, and topical lotions. Green Mantis LLC is the distributor of crystal energy products providing the body with negative ions that balance the energy fields and chakras of the body. The crystals of germanium, tourmaline and carbon titanium are infused into our necklaces, bracelets, back brace, knee, elbow, ankle sleeves, tourmaline socks, EMF cell phone protection cards, and germanium crystal massage wands. Our products will help with pain, anxiety, depression, EMF protection, balance, athletic performance and more. www.greenmantishemp.com 512-669-9670

Habitat for Humanity ReStore • C-20, D-19

Selling new and gently used building materials, household items, furniture and fixtures donated from a variety of sources, at 20-70% off retail prices. Proceeds help support the mission of Habitat for Humanity. Shop. Donate. Volunteer. www.Habitatlaplata.org. 970-382-9931.

Healing with Trees • A-21

Fiction and nonfiction books involving trees for adults to young children. They include finding a path to wholeness with trees, adventures with trees, and experiences of two children who befriend a cottonwood. Also featured are my latest 3-book series on Reiki. Pendulums made from trees are also available. www.margaretcheasebro.com

Henna Designs, Prayers to Wear • D-14

Beautiful henna designs by Renu Lal. www.Hennadesigns.com

Hollow Bone Artistry/Reno LongMoons • E-8

Intuitive, oracle and symbol readings, retreat facilitator/speaker-teacher. Life coaching in the Toltec Way. Medicine wheel teacher and construction/installation - multiple modalities to assist in today’s energy and environment. www.hollowboneartistry.com

Inner Weave Life Journeys A-7

Lenore Anderson is a Clinical Herbalist, Nature Quest Guide, and Life Journey Coach. There will be more information about her retreats and her herbal training program and workshops. She will be offering herbal tea blends, tinctures and salves for sale at her booth. Come by for a free cup of healing herbal tea. www.innerweavelifejourneys.com.

Jennifer Lynn & Sunshine Stitched Creations • E-18

Bring peace, love and joy to your personal space. Spiritual consulting, shamanic healing, acrylic art to inspire you on the mystic’s journey, and household décor, placemats, napkins, and seasonal decorations, all handmade, just for you. www.ThroughShamansEyes.wordpress.com, www.Sunshine-Stitched-Creations.myshopify.com

Juicy’s Shanty Food Truck • Outside of Exhibit Hall

Jamaican and Carolina style Barbecue and more, including vegan items. Bringing the islands to the mountains! 970-880-0368.

Light as a Feather • C-13

Feather utilizes sound frequencies to assist you in a deeply relaxing “sound healing” experience. Accessing the body’s meridians by applying tuning forks on acupressure points creates a realignment of the physical, emotional and spiritual body. Twenty-minute introductory sessions are available at WholeExpo, or contact Feather at plumasmith@yahoo.com or 970-317-4694 for a private session or consultation.

Life Wave/Live Younger • D-22

A product that utilizes phototherapy patches to create cellular changes in the body. We’re here to help you feel better, look younger, and lead a more joyful life!

Live Differently! • E-4

Join certified Oola Life Coach and founding Oola Ambassador Erica Rasmussen to learn more about how you have better balance in 7 key areas of life. Try a free week-long Oola membership to support your goals, enroll in the new Body By Design program and say goodbye to dieting, or start your Green Gap course for better financial balance! 860-690-0408 www.erica@sparkyourspark.com.

Love & Withstand • A-15

Love & Withstand/Alternative Practitioner. Heart centered Eastern Medicine, offering energy work and heart-centered infused art. www.lovenwithstand.com

Medsense MAWT • B-19

Medsense sells high quality kneading massagers, foot massagers and percussion massagers. sales@medsensemassagers.com

Mountain Hyperbarics • B-4

Will be providing information on how hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used for both medical treatments as well as for general health & well-being, athletic performance and acclimating to elevation. We will be offering free ½ hour consultations and carry all bags at the booth. We will also have a free drawing for a stainless steel water bottle on the hour. www.mountainhyperbarics.com

Mountain Orgonite by Brandon Kelch • D-9

Orgonite is the perfect combination of organic and inorganic materials and crystals in a matrix that provide healing, EMF-protection, plant growth and many other uses. It’s not just pretty to look at! bkelch.mountainorgonite@gmail.com

Natural Born Vitality • D-10

We offer consultations and programs for naturally integrating Vitality into your life and creating weight-loss, strength building, and energy optimization habits into your day. We specialize in creating fast working, digestible, practical solutions with mindset, skill and neuro-optimization techniques. naturalbornvitality@gmail.com

Natural Grocers • C-4

Natural Grocers is your neighborhood organic grocer offering everything from organic produce to free-range eggs to health coaching and more. www.naturalgrocers.com

Northwoods Health & Wellness • E-2

Access Bars & Reflexology. Access Consciousness is available in more than 170 countries and has contributed to changing the lives of tens of thousands of people around the world for the past 30 years. www.northwoodshealthandwellness.org

Pathfinder Chiropractic • A-10

At Pathfinder Chiropractic, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies so that we can get an exact assessment of the function and structure of your spine. We will be offering a free neurological neck assessment and education of the nervous system. www.pathfinderchiropractic.com

Psychic Readings by The Intuitive Life • E-22

Psychic readings and dreamwork sessions by clairvoyant Angela Atkinson. www.theintuitivelife.net Email: info@theintuitivelife.net

Psychic Sharon Sampsel • E-20

Sharon Sampsel, one of California’s top psychics with 25 years experience as a professional clairvoyant and healer, uses her gifts to help you find answers in your life. Receive clear and honest answers to assist you in achieving your desires and navigating through your challenges. www.PsychicSharonSampsel.com

QHHT - This Life Divine • D-8

Promoting her healing hypnosis work primarily, with cards about her business bookkeeping practice. Rachel will provide information on hypnosis, with display books by founder (Dolores Cannon). She will offer discounts on sessions. www.this-life-divine.com

Renewal By Andersen • B-14

We are a full service window replacement company. www.trustourwindows.com

San Juan Mountains Association • D-3

Saturday only. The San Juan Mountains Association promotes the responsible use and stewardship of Southwest Colorado lands. We focus on immersive and comprehensive education to inspire the next generation of conservationists. www.Sjma.org

Shamanda Jewelry • B-10

Shamanda Jewelry is a small artist-owned business, dedicated to quality. We design and make custom jewelry and art using only quality materials. We are a small family business which started back in 1999 with jewelry maker Mandy Houpt and Geologist Shaman Houpt. You can now find Mandy and all her Shamanda Jewelry treasures at her new store, Crystal Boutique, located at 1053 Main Ave in Durango. www.shamandajewelry.com

Shari Silvey • E-16

Shari Silvey is a mystical storyteller from Sedona, Arizona who journeys into the wilderness to hear messages from unseen dimensions. She transcribes these messages into her paintings, card decks and intuitive readings. Her passion is to share this process with others at her retreats. Her booth will feature paintings, card decks, spiritual readings and retreat information.

Spiritual Experiences Group of Durango/Pagosa Springs • A-3, A-5

MAKE THIS LIFETIME COUNT. Explore new ways to view life. Develop more Love in life. Learn an ancient mantra sung to promote healing, peace and calm. Wisdom books available - free. Learn about ECKANKAR at www.eckankar-colorado.org or www.Meetup.com.

Sue Breeze - Certified Psychic/Medium • A-11

4th Generation Spiritualist provides Tarot/Oracle/Akashic-Past Life Readings, Presentation & Intuition Personal Coaching, Group Workshops. Available in person, online & by phone. 719-332-1846 psychicsuebreeze@gmail.com

The Edge of Silence • B-24

Sound journeys with gongs, singing bowls, and more. We have gongs, singing bowls and other instruments from around the world for sale. We also have a local gong maker from Pagosa Springs. www.theedgeofsilence.org

Trisha Dolan, Psychic Medium & Author • A-23

Trisha Dolan is a Psychic Medium and Angel Therapy Practitioner that is the author of "You Too Are Psychic, Everyone Is." As a psychic medium, Trisha connects with those who have crossed over to provide healing and messages of love and support. As an angel therapy practitioner, she helps others connect with their guardian angels for guidance and support. Her unique approach combines Tarot reading, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and channeling to provide clients with clarity and understanding in their lives. www.RealWorldAngel.com 619-400-7020

Victorian West • A-14

Victorian West offers semi-precious jewelry, stone flowers, crystal generators, pre-packaged meditation grids designed by us, and mineral specimens. Try the “MInute Chakra,” a quick scan of your chakras using Reiki to ascertain your chakra balance. Contact: https://,or cynthia33@msn.com Website: www.victorian-west.myshopify.com/

WeFill • D-12

WeFill is Durango's only refilling station that also offers zero-waste products. We will have zero-waste and package-free locally made products for sale at our booth. Sign up for our email list and get a coupon! www.wefillcolorado.com.

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